12 Days of Blogmas: Day Nine

Day 9 of Blogmas {hosted by The Petite Mrs and The Coastal Couple} brings us to our nine favorite holiday songs. Just like the movies, it's so hard to narrow down just a few out of the hundreds out there. So let's get down to the countdown!

TLC - Sleigh Ride

This is my favorite Christmas song of all time I believe. I love this song and have since it first appeared when I was in Jr. High. TLC has always been my favorite girl group and I was so excited to see they had a few Christmas songs. I remember being 14 and jamming around with my friends to this song, blasting it til the speakers blew out. Such great memories.

I love how they took a classic song and gave it their own R&B twist to it. Of course, no TLC song is complete without Left Eye rapping. It really gets me in the dancing mood and Christmas spirit listening to TLC's Sleigh Ride.

NSYNC - Under My Tree

NSYNC is my favorite group of all time. Yes, I am an Nsync-er for life. I was just as in love with them back then as I am now. Sadly, I own every single cd, even all the imports and singles...as well as the dolls, chapstick, beanie babies... you name it, I own it if Nsync is on it. 

I consider their Christmas cd one of he best of any Christmas album I have ever heard. Under My Tree is my favorite song on the album. Is it sad I always feel like they are singing it just to me when I hear it? LOL I guess I will never grow out of the 90's boy-band phase.

But it is a beautiful and really romantic song. It just makes me feel all lovey-dovey inside and perfect for a Christmas couple with that special someone. Yes, this one is totally on the top of my list.

BRITNEY SPEARS - My Only Wish {This Year}

It's Britney B*tch....her famous words. Oh of course, who doesn't love Britney? I really love this Christmas song by her. I was sad she never put out a Christmas album, and honestly a little shocked by it. But that is ok. We still love her. But I love this song. It's so up beat and makes me want to dance and sing all around my Christmas tree.

I wish I could have found the official video for it. It seems to no longer exist in the internet world. But that is ok. Regardless, I still love the song.

MARIAH CAREY - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Mariah Carey is a legend in her own time. I grew up listening to her and still love her music. But this is such a great Christmas song. Upbeat, fun, romantic ... it's so girly, it's scary LOL ok maybe not scary. But it is a fun Christmas song...This is even my nine year old's favorite Christmas song. Everytime it comes on Pandora, she gets so excited, starts singing and dancing and bouncing all around the place. All ages can enjoy this one.

PYOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY  - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Tchaikovsky is one of my favorite composers. His music is glorifying. I especially love this Nutcracker Suite. But the Dance of the Sugar Fairy is my favorite from the ballet. I fell in love with it more when I played it for a piano recital. It felt so awesome to play this piece. I just loved it more and more.

There really is something very magical about this Christmas piece. It's timeless and will never go out of style. Even my kids who think everything is boring, loves this particular piece.

GEORGE WINSTON - Carol Of The Bells

This song was not created by George Winston. I know... however, this is his variation of it and I have to say, from the moment I heard it back when I was in high school, I literally dropped to my knees. George's variation of the classic is breath-taking. Simply put. If you listen to it, you will be so amazed that it is just one man playing this piece on the piano. No duets, nothing. Just him solo. 

I have always been in love with the song since I was little. I then learned to play it on the piano for a piano recital as I did the piece I mentioned above. Learning to play this song blew my mind so much as I felt nothing I had ever felt before while playing this piece. For years, I wanted so bad to learn how to play this particular variation by George Winston but never learned. However, I listen to this cd almost everyday and it brings joy to my heart. Especially on Christmas.

GEORGE WINSTON - Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel

Another variation I simply adore by George Winston. This is from his December album, as is the song above. I love this video because you get to witness George himself playing the magic he created. It's so beautiful. 

I would actually sit in my room and listen to this song over and over again and it would bring tears to my eyes. It is a beautiful Christmas piece that does something magical to the dull of winter. It's like listening to a fireplace that is in your heart. It's incredible what music can really do to a person's emotions and feelings.

George Winston is my very favorite contemporary pianist. All his music is amazing, but his December album is my dearly loved.

ARIANA GRANDE - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I am actually not a fan of Ariana Grande. But my nine year old loves her. I find her overly annoying. However, knowing my next song choice was going to be Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, I have heard so many wonderful versions, I didn't know which one to go with.

I went through a few and came upon hers. After hearing her version, I really was impressed. I love the way she sang it. It actually sounded beautiful and made me think of Christmas. But regardless the singer, I love this classic Christmas song. I really enjoy playing it on the piano as well. I feel a sense of power somehow everytime I play this piece. It's beautiful.

WEIRD AL YANKOVIC - The Night Santa Went Crazy

So last, but not least, is the Christmas song I loved as a child.....as messed up as that is LOL. This song is hilarious. I grew up in a house where my mom loved two things....The Beatles and Weird Al. So naturally I listened and loved his music from the day I was born.

He's so funny and this is one of those that just gives you a kick for a good sense of humor. Yes, it's pretty deranged, pretty gross, pretty vulgar. But if you don't mind that, it's a hilarious Christmas song about Santa going off the deep end and goes beyond insane. Killing everything at the North Pole.

I had to put this song because it was my childhood favorite. Though it's been a while since I last listened to it, the laughs still remain for a good old crazy Christmas.

Well there you have it, my top nine picks for favorite Christmas songs. Leave a comment telling me what you would put on your list? I love to know what everyone else likes listening to this time of year! Thanks for stopping by.