SuperKind Club + $500 Giveaway

We have all heard of a RAOK. It's been very popular within the last few years. Gaining lots of popularity around social media especially. It's usually performed by someone doing something for someone else just because they want to. 

SuperKind has taken it to the next level. Usually a random act of kindness is most heard of being performed by an adult. But now, they are asking kids to get involved to do something nice for someone too, regardless of their family's financial situation.

Where did the idea for SuperKind come from? It actually came from a 6 year old girl named Eva.  She said, “You can’t be a bully and be kind at the same time. “So if we can teach kids the importance of kindness, there will not be any more bullies at schools.”

So what exactly is SuperKind?

SuperKind is a personalized product aimed at spreading random acts of kindness (“R.A.O.K”) around the world. When you order your own SuperKind kit for your child, you will receive (1) 16 custom kindness cards; (2) 16 custom stickers; and (3) a SuperKind certificate to affix the stickers. The cards and stickers feature your child’s face and name.
Once your child performs the kind act that is featured on their card, they can also use the super stickers to place in their folder when a RAOK is complete. They are then asked to pass along the card to someone else. The card has instructions on the back for the next person to complete within 3 days. 

Because the people behind SuperKind is so committed to changing the world for the better, one {small} person at a time, the SuperKind kits are free! Just sign up to help share this campaign and you'll be sent a special code to claim your free kit. You will be able to easily upload your child's photo into the super hero template and print the cards in your own home. You and your child could be the start of something big..even if they are still small. So join in and start today!

You can also share you story and win prizes as well. Visit and share your story. Each SuperKind kind receives a special number on his or her cards and you input that number into the website and submit your story there. 

My daughter, Natalya, got her own set of SuperKind RAOK cards and here is what they look like in person:

This was the photo I sent in and then they added her face onto the cards.

So get started today in helping your child perform an act of kindness that may change someone's day completely around. We need more kindness in the world.

On their Kickstarter page, you'll receive all the info and there are different pledging options that you can help with and get different prizes with. Also, you even have a chance to score $500 with their giveaway going on. So join in, help a great cause and you could be a winner as well {in more ways than one}!