Crayon Crunch Personalized Children's Book Review

I'm really excited to share with you a wonderful book I was honored to be asked to try out and review for you all today. The company Crayon Crunch contacted me about a new book they have released where your child is the main character. How cool is that?

How it works is that Crayon Crunch offers a unique customizing system online where you or your child can create a character to look like them. Every character is just as unique as your child. To give you a sneak peak when you are ordering your book, this is the customizations that are included and two examples of characters you can create:

So as you can see, there are hundreds of possibilities to create a unique story character. When I sat down to start creating mine, I decided to let my daughter create the character she wanted and how she felt she looked. So we went through the entire process which was very simple and easy for her to do on her own. And this is the character she chose that she felt represented her the best:

Natalya chose this particular character because she wanted her to look very similar to her own self. Natalya has curly brown hair, big brown eyes, tan skin, her favorite color is yellow, and she loves to wear skirts. So she thought this character matched her very well.

Once chosen, we submitted the character and the book was shipped off to us. When we got it, my daughter was so excited to open it up and begin reading it. 

The book starts off with the main character in the attic where they discover a small chest. But it can't be opened without a special key. So they go on a mission of exploration and lots of imagination to uncover what exactly is so special about this little chest and try to find the key to unlock it's secret.

What makes it even more unique is that you can personalize a message to your child that is revealed at the end of the book. This is the one I wrote for my daughter and she got to read it when she read the book.

My daughter loved this because every page had her name on it and she thought it was so much fun to be the character of a book. The story is filled with a fun adventure where she imagined she was an archaeologist, a clown, an artist, etc...
And the message is so great for children. It let's them know that even though imagination and pretending to be something or someone is wonderful and fun, it's also just as wonderful to be yourself. That having a sense of pride and self esteem is equally as important.

Also, not to mention the book is beautifully illustrated and super colorful. This book is wonderful for any child and would make a great gift this holiday season.
I think this book is wonderful and know that this will be a bedtime story over and over again in our home. I would recommend this adorable book to anyone who has a child in their life that loves adventure.

Information on purchasing this book can be found on Crayon Crunch. You have the option to purchase a hardcover or softcover. For this review, I was given the softcover book.