Want To Launch Your Own Restaurant?

Want to launch your own restaurant? This is what you don’t know.
If you’re addicted to Masterchef and think “hey how hard can it be to feed people”, then you may be tempted to try your hand at the restaurant business. You have to remember though that it is just that, a business. It’s not all about great food and service. Although of course they both help greatly. Being successful in running a restaurant is just as much about balancing budgets and maximizing profits as any other business. 

If you open a restaurant and you place all your attention in creating a great menu or making sure the venue looks amazing, pretty soon all the “boring” stuff is going to catch up with you. When celebrity chef Robert Irvine spoke to Business Insider in 2014 he listed lack of accounting skills as one of the top reasons that restaurants fail. There’s no point getting the perfect look and taste if you’re not paying attention to how much it costs.

How can you make inventory tracking and budget monitoring easier?
For a new restaurant owner there’s so much to think about that it can be easy for budgets and financial concerns to be overlooked. Marketing and customer engagement take over as they try to build a good reputation.

If you’re aiming to open your own restaurant you won’t be any different. There’s a real danger that you could end up massively overspending and putting the survival of your business in danger. There’s good news though; there’s a way that you can take care of the inventory and financial side of the business in a straightforward and timely manner. You just call in the experts.

Orca Inventory and ordering provides inventory tracking software that makes the whole system of tracking and ordering inventory simple and less onerous. The business was founded by professionals with over twenty years in the restaurant business between them. They recognise the needs of restaurant owners. That’s why they included features such as the ability to use mobile devices to monitor inventory on the shelf. The software also enables effective budget monitoring. Orca works to ensure more restaurants keep an eye on their inventory and finances, and remain in business as a result.

What else do you need to think about?
As much as we said you need to pay attention to your finances if you’re running a restaurant it’s obviously very important to pay attention to other aspects of the business, such as customer service and menu design. A restaurant owner’s life is far from being easy. There are a whole host of things that need to be considered including:

 Hiring a great chef
 Hiring efficient service staff
 Managing ongoing marketing
 Moving to the digital age with app creation, mobile payments and high performing social 

Hopefully we haven’t put you off by taking a look at just how much is involved in running a restaurant. If you think you have the passion and experience then it’s certainly achievable if you’re prepared for hard work.