Planning Your Wedding Photography Budget in Chatham

Studies have shown that even couples with a well-planned budget wind up paying between 50 and 100 percent more than they intended for their wedding due to two main factors: 

1. They do not realize the costs that are related to the services and products necessary for hosting their event; 

2. The majority of couples have forgotten a number of crucial elements when they are planning their budget. 

The facts also show that the average wedding budget has been reduced significantly due to tough economic times and more and more couples deciding to pay for the affair without any assistance from parents or family members. 

One of the areas that this reduced wedding budget has impacted significantly is wedding photography. Many couples are hiring family members or friends and receiving less than impressive photos. While there are ways that you can save money on wedding photography, you should not skimp – after all this person will only have one chance to capture these memories, so you need a pro. 

According to the majority of wedding planners, you should set aside 10 to 15 percent of your entire wedding budget for your wedding photography. Also, talk with the photographer you have chosen to see what will go into the production of your photos and video. Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to ask A LOT of questions, but it is also just as important to create a budget upfront with the chosen photographer so that you do not run into any surprises when it is time to pay the bill.

Some tips from other professional wedding photographers that may help you save money on your photos are highlighted here.

Ask if they offer any price breaks.
If you have plans to have your wedding in one of the off-months, such as February, March, or November, or if you have a wedding that falls on a Sunday or a Thursday night, you may be able to receive a savings of 10 up to 20 percent.

Hire someone locally.
The majority of photo and video professionals base a portion of the fees they charge on the time it takes them to travel to and from locations; however, if you know to ask, they will grant a discount if you plan to have your wedding ceremony and the reception in the same location, or if the sites are situated close to each other.

Don’t eliminate the photo assistants.
There are some couples who request to have no assistants at their wedding for the photographer, thinking this will lower the cost. However, these individuals play a crucial role in capturing the best shots, so consider taking some away from the food or other area to provide funds for assistants – you will be glad you did.

Finding a great photographer, like, will allow a couple to get quality pictures at great prices.