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CLUTCH Review + Book & Handbag Giveaway

I'm so excited to be telling you all about a new book I was given the opportunity to read and review. The book is called Clutch and it is by the super sweet and talented Lisa Becker. This book is totally for those of you who are into things like Sex & The City. If you are, you'll really want to check this novel out.

Clutch is the laugh-out-loud, chick lit romance chronicling the dating misadventures of Caroline Johnson, a single purse designer who compares her unsuccessful romantic relationships to styles of handbags.

The “Hobo” starving artist, the “Diaper Bag” single dad, the “Briefcase” intense businessman, etc. 

With her best friend, bar owner Mike by her side, the overly-accommodating Caroline drinks a lot of Chardonnay, puts her heart on the line, endures her share of unworthy suitors and finds the courage to discover the “Clutch” or someone she wants to hold onto.

Caroline's aunt Mimi pushes her to achieve her dream of becoming a handbag designer. But to do that, she must learn the business world first and so she sets out to Harvard Business School to do just that. There she meets her future best friend Mike and they connect right away regardless of their differences.
After graduation, they both decide to leave for Los Angeles and pursue their dreams. mike wants to open his own bar and Caroline wants to design handbags. This is where her many dating adventures begin. While Caroline is trying to find the "Mr. Right", Mike, on the other hand, is trying to find "Ms. Right Now".
Of course, I can't ruin what happens in the end, but I can tell you that I really loved reading this. It kept my attention and was so interesting. I loved how Caroline compared all the men in her life to the one thing she knew most about...Handbags! That was so cute and clever. As a lover of handbags and romance, it had me interested and on my toes the entire time. I could totally catch myself now comparing different types of people to the different handbags out there.

I would say this book is a great novel for those in their early twenties on up. And for anyone who loves cute, girly type of books. I found both Caroline and Mike to be hilarious and so relatable.
ISBN:  978-0692489895 or 0692489894 
Page count: 190
Genre: Chick Lit/Contemporary Romance/New Adult

About the author Lisa Becker
In addition to her new book, clutch: a novel, Lisa Becker is the author of the Click Trilogy, a contemporary romance series comprised of Click: An Online Love Story, Double Click and Right Click.  She’s written bylined articles about dating and relationships for “Cupid’s Pulse,” “The Perfect Soulmate,” “GalTime,” “Single Edition,” “Healthy B Daily” and “Chick Lit Central” among others.  She lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband and two daughters.  To learn more, visit www.lisawbecker.com
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One lucky winner will receive a copy of Clutch in an eBook form as well as this beautiful Kelsi Dagger Leopard Purse pictured below. This giveaway is open to those residing in the United States only. Sorry, no PO Boxes can be accepted at this time. Winner will be contacted by email and has 24 hours to respond. If not, a new winner will be chosen. Good luck & happy reading!

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What Not To Do When Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring In Canada

When it is time for you to pop the big question, you need to ensure you are holding the perfect engagement ring. However, this may be easier said than done if you are not familiar with the process necessary to make this purchase. While the first step will be to find the Best Wedding Rings Store in Chicago, you will also have to ensure that you avoid the common mishaps that many ring shoppers find themselves facing.

Great "I Love You Gifts" For Calgary Couples

Saying I love you does not require expensive jewelry or exotic vacations. While these gifts do say I love you, more unique and thoughtful items may express your true feelings. The following list will provide you with some ideas you may have never considered when it comes to a gift to say I love you. 

A Unique Experience
One of the best ways to show someone you love them is by getting them a great massage. Finding the right massage parlors in an area will make it easy to get a loved one the relief they need. Choosing to use experience massage professionals, like Shanti Wellbeing, will allow a person to get the high quality massage they are looking for.


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Social Care: Misconceptions Of The Industry

The social care industry remains a controversial subject matter, due to the hotbed of stories and myths that have circulated over the years. Sadly, many are still failing to recognise the fantastic work that social workers do for the most vulnerable in our society. They help people on a day to day basis, displaying great empathy and strength in the face of some difficult situations, and deserve the right sort of recognition. Here are some of the most common misconceptions dispelled:

Taking Great Family Photos Can Be Easy

For most families taking the time to make a record of the growth they experience in a top priority. There are a number of ways to make this record and among the best is by having family pictures made. In order to get the right pictures, a family will have to consider a few different things. The more that a family is able to plan out their pictures, the better equipped they will be to get the right results. The following are some of the things that a family will need to consider when trying to get the right pictures. 

Know Where to Shoot?
The first thing that a person will have to figure out when trying to get the right results from family photos is to figure out where to shoot. Ideally, the family will need to scout out a few local scenes to figure out what is the best fit. The time that a family puts into scouting out various locations in their area will be worth when they are able to get the right pictures in a hurry. If unsure about where to start, the family will need to make sure to seek out the advice of a professional.

Planning Your Wedding Photography Budget in Chatham

Studies have shown that even couples with a well-planned budget wind up pay between 50 and 100 percent more than they intended on their wedding due to two main factors: 

1. They do not realize the costs that are related to the services and products necessary for hosting their event; 

2. The majority of couples have forgotten a number of crucial elements when they are planning their budget. 

The facts also show that the average wedding budget has been reduced significantly due to tough economic times and more and more couples deciding to pay for the affair without any assistance from parents or family members. 

Unicorn Poop Cookies

After sharing our totally delicious unicorn poop cookies on Facebook, I got a lot of requests asking how in the world did we make these. So here is my blog post to share with everyone so you can make your own totally awesome unicorn poop cookies as well.

As much as I would like to, I cannot take credit for these as I stumbled upon them one day while looking up fun things to bake for our Tuesday baking class for school on Kids Activities Blog. But I just thought I would share our photos and experience on making these.

I totally forgot to snap a photo of our ingredients we used before using them. Oops... So I will just have to compile a list for you instead. Sorry about that.

I Was Almost Fired For Being Ugly

Back in 2005 when I graduated college, packed up all my things and moved to the big city of Orlando, I was so excited and so happy to be a real out of school, on my own woman. But it was also terrifying as well. Now I had so many responsibilities on my shoulders that I never had before. Paying rent, paying bills, paying for my own food!!! I didn't know really what I was going to do.

I wasn't doing it all alone though. I decided to move in with my brother and my boyfriend at the time and the three of us were roommates. We had to go out and find jobs. Sadly, I wasn't lucky enough to get my dream job right out of college or anything in my field just yet. So I took my mom's advice and applied to work for a well known bank in Orlando.


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Want To Launch Your Own Restaurant?

Want to launch your own restaurant? This is what you don’t know.
If you’re addicted to Masterchef and think “hey how hard can it be to feed people”, then you may be tempted to try your hand at the restaurant business. You have to remember though that it is just that, a business. It’s not all about great food and service. Although of course they both help greatly. Being successful in running a restaurant is just as much about balancing budgets and maximizing profits as any other business. 

Ways to Make a Toronto Wedding Unique

For most couples, finding ways to make their wedding day unique and special is a top priority. There are so many things that can be done in order to make a wedding feel more customized. In order to get the right results from a wedding, the couple will need to find a professional to help out. Usually, the professionals will have a lot of unique ideas that can help to customize the look and feel of a wedding. Here are a few of the ways that a couple can make their wedding more original and unique.


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Amazingly Beautiful Review + Giveaway

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That's how the saying goes right? It's so important that we all feel beautiful regardless of our age, race, culture and gender. Life is too short to not love you for you. And even though we know beauty starts on the inside {where it counts the most}, but sometimes we need that pump on the outside as well.

Many people {including myself} in today's society, really value organic and pure products. Especially those that we use on our body's. It's hard to avoid chemicals but a lot of companies are starting to step away and go back to nature. Which is why I am totally loving the Amazingly Beautiful line from Trusted Health Products.

Why you ask? What makes them so special? Take a look below and see for yourself.
“Amazingly Beautiful” uses a rare combination of live fruit, nut and plant extracts to feed your skin cells and promote youthful, moist, beautiful glowing skin.

  • The safest and most effective moisturizer available
  • Say goodbye to dry skin
  • Say goodbye to oily skin
  • Skin looks and feels younger, softer and smooth like silk
  • Decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet
  • Reduces appearance of aging
  • Firms and tones skin’s appearance
  • Pores appear to shrink, giving a smoother look to skin’s complexion
  • Blemishes appear to just fade away
  • 100% pure botanical oils of almond, orange, lemon, avocado, evening primrose, olive and apricot
  • No preservatives, parabens, GMOs, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors or additives of any kind

The company sent two bottles to try out for myself. And they personalized them too! How cool is that? It has my name right on both bottles. This is actually an option you can choose to customize them any way you would like to. With everyone starting to do their holiday shopping, this would be a fabulous gift for anyone and for any occasion too.

This is what they sent me. One bottle of the Amazingly Beautiful AM Moisturizer and one bottle of the Amazingly Beautiful PM Revitalizer

As you can see, you can actually read and understand the ingredients which is like the best feeling ever! And using these are very simple. Just apply a couple of drops to your face and move around in a circular motion. But make sure you aren't actually rubbing the oils into your face. Just lightly on top.

The AM Moisturizer has a strong "orange" smell to it which I totally love! I love citrus smelling things. It grabs my senses. It's not terribly strong. You won't be walking around smelling like you bathed in orange juice all day. So no need to worry about that. I mean that you smell it strong when first applied but after a few minutes, the smell goes away.

The PM Reviliatzer has a strong citrus smell to it as well. But just like the AM one, it goes away and doesn't stay long. My daughter and I spent a while going back and forth but we both agree that the PM is a tad bit stronger with the scent then the AM one. But they both really do just have the same scent qualities overall.

I like that both bottles have an inside dropper so that oil isn't pouring all over your finger and being wasted. It's easy to get a couple of drops out of the bottle without stressing out about everything pouring out at once. 

This was a big make or break deal for me. I was so curious if this stuff would soak in or leave my face feeling oily and greasy. I have oily skin and hate that. So I stay far away from lots of products like lotions and things that just make it feel even worse to me. But I do have to say, I was impressed that the oil doesn't stay to make your face feel oily. And I noticed that my face was softer and healthier looking just after the first use.

I was told that there may be some break outs occurring during the first uses and this is normal. It means your skin is going through the detox phase. As someone who suffered 17 years with severe cystic acne, a couple of breakouts were nothing. And they literally were just that... barely nothing. I had two small breakouts and they went away quickly. After that, I hadn't noticed any other blemishes.

Overall, I have to say I really enjoy using these two products everyday. I love that they are so natural and safe without worries of chemicals being used on my skin that could possibly effect my health one day. I cannot think of any issues or dislikes that I have with the product. So far, everything has been going great while using it.

The products are very affordable at an incredible offer. Right now, you can try out the Amazingly Beautiful AM/PM set for free! That's right, I said free. You are only asked to pay a shipping charge of $13.90 for the bottles. Which is an incredible value. Click here to try out the set for yourself.

Another part of the Amazingly Beautiful family is the Amazingly Beautiful Body Moisturizer and Revitalizer moisturizes deep down so you can say goodbye to dry skin. It firms and tones skin’s appearance and skin feels clean, conditioned and smooth like silk.

It is 100% pure and natural, live cold pressed botanical oils of almond, orange, lime, lemon, olive and avocado and contains no preservatives, parabens, petroleum-based oils, GMOs, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, colorings or additives of any kind.

It smoothes the appearance of rough and scaly areas, reduces the appearance of age spots, discoloration and sun spots, and decreases the appearance of blemishes and spider veins. It can also be used as an underarm deodorant.

So that is another one you will want to check out.

Trusted Health Products is giving away three bottles for women, to three lucky winners. You – or anyone in your household - may win one bottle of Amazingly Beautiful one time only. Previous winners please do not apply. Contest is open to those in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia only. Winners have 24 hours to respond to email notification before another winner is chosen.
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The Advantages That a Mahone Bay Couple Can Gain When Choosing Wooden Wedding Bands

Most people fail to realize just how much work getting married can be. While this is a very important ceremony, the leg work involved in pulling it off can be a bit overwhelming at times. The time that is spent getting all of the details of a wedding worked out when everything comes together on the big day. The first thing that a couple will need to figure out when getting married is what type wedding bands they will get. The following are some of the advantages that a Mahone Bay couple can gain when choosing a wood wedding band.

Do You Believe In Hair-O-Scopes?

And who said a good hair day was just pure luck? Apparently you can always have a good hair day by following Madison Reed's Hair-o-scope because it's written out for you in your fate. Now personally, I love horoscopes and believe they have a lot to say about who we are. I think they are fun and interesting. I actually studied horoscopes for years in my younger days.


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