The Sibling Age Gap War : Part 2

Back in April {wow, was it really that long ago?}, I had started a two part series blog post called "The Sibling Age Gap War". Part one was all about children who are farther apart in age and some of the comments I have dealt with having children six years apart. I know that isn't as big of an age gap as some people have, but for me, it caused a lot of rude remarks in the beginning.

But now, I am the victim on the other side of it having children close in age as well. This one goes over worse with people than the six year age gap. I get a lot more comments and remarks over my two youngest children. 

Let's go to the beginning. When my oldest was six years old, my son was born. When my son was 13 months and 30 days old {we can round that up to 14 months}, my youngest was born. So my two youngest are basically 14 months apart. That is still a bit crazy for me to wrap my head around. However, it's not very uncommon as my brother and I are also 14 months apart and I have lots of friends whose children are between 10 months to 16 months apart.

Like I said, I have gotten some comments about their age gap...or lack there of.

Many people turn it into a sexual thing saying how the husband and I surely couldn't wait could we... or I used to get asked so many times if it was planned that way. The answer is no, it was not. But it happened and it is what it is. I knew if I had anymore children, I wanted them a bit farther in age for my sanity...but it's gotten easier little by little each day.

However, the comment that takes the cake and I doubt will ever be topped came from a man and a woman who was standing in back of me in line one day while we were out taking care of some business. The woman was pregnant and the man started to talk to me as he looked down at my two in the stroller and my oldest standing by my side.  

He begins to ask me if my children are twins. I laugh a little and tell him no. 

I do get asked that a lot since they look so much alike and so close in age. I tell him they are 14 months apart. The man begins to grab the woman's stomach and starts to rub it. He replied that this was their fourth child. I congratulated him on that. I really wasn't sure how else to respond as he started to creep me out a bit at this point.

He then starts to tell me how all their children are exactly three years apart in age. It is God's way. It was what God intended all his people to be. Three years is in the bible as a rule for creating life.

I just glanced at him and tried to make a joke about how I guess I broke the rules then. He started to get very upset at this point and gave me a very serious look. He told me that disobeying the Lord and breaking the three year rule could cause damnation. And my children were not gifted by God but rather by the Devil because only the devil would allow two people to create a child without letting the body properly heal from the last childbirth.

I really had no idea what to say as I have really never been approached by someone so passionate about children not being so many years apart. He then started to talk about Star Trek and God. Trying to make some examples for me. But they honestly just confused me. I could not wait to get out of line and go home.

Funny thing was, a week later, I was out with my children at Walmart and we ran into these same people again. The man remembered me and was telling me he wanted to bless me and my children and hopefully God can forgive me for having children too close in age. Then the couple walked off and continued their shopping.

I can say, that was a first for me and I really hope the last. I am glad I have not run into these people again. But I swear I feel like lying to people now and just saying the kids are all three years apart LOL just to avoid another heated conversation about how God disapproves.

Have you ever been made uncomfortable about your children's ages? Have you been given rude comments or even looks or stares? I know I can't be the only one who has run in with crazy people about my children being close in age. My husband asked me why do I attract the crazies? LOL

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