The Bad Hair Day Art Project For Kids

Today was not one of our "well thought out and planned" school days. Today we just took a bit of a break and did only a few subjects. One of them was art. Usually, I have everything planned out the night before but today was just not one of those days.

While looking through my usual art curriculum, I didn't have time to set up and plan for it to be done in a timely manner so I did the next best thing. Improvise! I grabbed my Classroom Art Pinterest board as fast as my fingers could type, and clicked on a pin I have saved for a day just like today!

My daughter agreed that she wanted to do "The Bad Hair Day" project. The original idea came from Project Art-A-Day. This was great because for the past two weeks, we have been studying and learning about all the different kind of lines you find in art. This project screams line, shape, color, imagination, organic, line weights, etc....perfect for my eight year old.

I always like to do art that has a purpose. I do occasionally allow her to have "free" play when it comes to art for her to explore her own creativity. But for school lessons, I like to have our projects focus on a  purpose and usually an artist to go with it.

First we looked through a few magazines and she chose a portrait of Selena Gomez. What eight year old can withhold Selena's charm? My daughter loves her music and loved her shows on the Disney channel.

I cut out the photo of Selena. I made sure to be careful while I was cutting around her face and completely cutting away at her hair while still trying to keep the shape of her head to not look like a crazy mutated alien from deep into space.

We glued the photo off center in her artist's sketchbook and she then started to draw what she would consider "crazy, bad hair". 

Once she was happy with the flowing lines of hair, I had her go over it with black marker, trying to think about using thick and thin lines while tracing her pencil lines. The she started applying color to the drawing. She told me she was going for "spiky, mermaid tail hair" .... I think she may be onto a new trend here soon.

After going at this for a while, the picture was complete. Selena had hair again. This time, unique hair! Maybe this can be a new thing for Selena and she will be uber famous for her crazy hair do's LOL who knows right?
This was a great, easy, and fun art project to do with my daughter. It gives a lot of freedom for creativity while still focusing on the concept of lines. Has your child ever created their own "Bad Hair Day" piece? This really helped block in some school without having to prep and prepare plans. Also great for a rainy day project as well. I am sure we will be doing more of these in the future!

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  1. This is so awesome, never seen this before! Perfect for art projects about lines and bold colors, so excited to try this!! Natalia's work is beautiful! She is so artistic, all in the genes I see!!