Shower? What's That?

I have to say, I give so much kuddos to those mamas that are able to take a shower every single day, put on all their makeup, wear clothes that don't include fuzzy bottoms with penguins on them, and can do all the errands and have a spotless house all by 5pm. Wow! I would love to be that. But I'm not. But I want to be that type of mom one day LOL

I would love to say I can take a shower everyday. The reality is, I can't. Believe me, I wish I could. I always want to ask how do you moms out there do it? How do you find the time to get this stuff done? I guess though I have asked this question and majority of the time, I hear "when my kids are asleep".

Ahhhh sleeping children. The adorable faces of them dreaming away in their little beds. I can only imagine what that feels like. My children do not sleep. Hence why I am still awake at almost 2:00am writing this post. I have my little toddlers right here with me. Just playing away next to the table with no intention at all of falling asleep soon. And that is the reality of my life. My kids don't sleep so I can't leave the room to take a shower or to clean or to just sleep myself. The wonderful feeling of that "mom freedom" after the children go to bed has never existed in my life before.

I'm totally jealous of those mom that got a shower tonight. As I have tried nearly 5 times now to sneak into the bathroom to wash my hair. Lord knows, I need it. But it looks as though my dreams of being clean will have to wait til the morning. It feels kind of sad thinking about it hahaha. Like seriously though, how did parenting become so hard? Like a shower is supposed to be something one does everyday. How did it go from a nice, long shower each night to hurry up 5 minute showers once a week? I'll tell you why....KIDS! 

One day I'll be able to walk into that bathroom with a towel in my hand and get in the shower when I want to. The reality now is .... its not a reality. I do though keep thinking to myself how I may be able to handle that type of change in my life when it does happen.

Of course, don't get me wrong..........I'm not sitting over here like Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown cartoons. But it is funny to picture that little dude with his nasty cloud of dirt circling him. I just can't wait for the day that my kids finally sleep and allow me to just have my "mom" time. That would be a wonderful feeling.

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