I Haven't Left Just Yet, Just Buried Under Boxes

Yes, I haven't disappeared... though it would appear to be that I have. I am still here. It's been really quiet on here and all my social media pages. Why? Because we have been moving. Yes, moving..ugh dare I say that word? You may find this crazy but we move almost every year. The longest we have ever stayed in a place was two years.
You probably think I'm crazy. But it is true. I crave change. I think that has to do with the fact that I grew up an Army brat moving around the world constantly. When my parents retired, it made me feel almost claustrophobic to stay in a place for more than a year. I lived in my parents new home for three years {which is the longest I have ever lived in a place} until I graduated high school and moved off to Florida for college.

After college, I have been moving just about every year ever since. It's just something I have to do. I love the change and excitement of something and somewhere new. I am glad the husband doesn't mind and goes along with it. Though I love moving....I absolutely hate the process of moving. It sucks!

This is the first time I have been able to sit down and blog in such a long time. I had been packing so much in July and we spent so much time going around looking at places. I never had enough time. Especially with the kids... moving is a lot harder and more of a demand when the kids are unpacking faster than you are packing up those boxes.

Then we finally found a place and I spent a week cleaning the new place before we started to move our stuff in. It took one week and three different Uhaul trucks but we got everything in. And now, I have been having the joy of unpacking everything. Such a nightmare I tell you. 

We moved into a smaller house so of course, that even makes it more fun trying to put everything somewhere and nothing will go anywhere. The husband suggested we just throw everything away. I'm pretty much on that same page at this point. I swear, I spend hours and hours each and everyday and it feels nothing is getting done. I open a box, look through it....think where am I supposed to put this stuff?....pack it back up and push it aside...ugh the joys of moving.

Not to mention, there are so many things wrong with our place at the moment...we have had people in and out all week looking and fixing things. The kids have to sleep in the living room since there was a leak before we moved in and flooded their rooms. Now the carpet is torn up trying to dry out the floor boards so nothing can be put away or done to the back rooms at the moment.

I guess it could be worse. I could be this guy. Which is kind of how I feel right now anyway LOL so that isn't good.

But I'm trying to make due with everything. So our wifi wasn't on for a bit which also was a reason I wasn't on posting. But now we are back up and running... so yea!

The one thing lately that has been driving me crazy is that I cannot find our school stuff. I marked the boxes and have found all of last years school things...but where the crap are this years? I seriously cannot write up my lesson plans or go through our books and worksheets and it's driving me crazy. School starts in a week and I'm a total mess trying to figure out which freaking box this is in and where it's hiding from me at. I know it's being evil and playing mind games with me just cause it knows I need to locate it that bad. Ugh the stress of all this. Though I decided I will have to push back our start date if I can't locate the box in time. 
I know it has to be here somewhere....I only have about 80 million boxes left to go through. I'm bound to find it sooner or later LOL. I just feel I haven't gotten dressed in forever. All I do is unpack boxes all day until I cry in pain cause my feet hurt. Then wait til the next day.

The kids love it though. They get so excited to throw everything out of the boxes {which I don't like} because everything is fun to touch and play with {even though it's really not}.

We have actually never really unpacked since we left college. So this is a bit overwhelming. I have been finding so many things I forgot I had or even existed. Since we move so much, we never wanted to unpack fully because we knew we would just have to box it all back up again. 

So our garage has always been filled top to bottom with boxes everywhere...year after year after year going untouched or looked through. Well, since we have a smaller place and now no garage...guess what! Everything needs to be unpacked and a place found for it. Which is not going so well. But I have to make it work somehow...there will be a way.

This is actually a good thing though, even though it feels like a punishment....
Now we will be forced to get rid of the old junk and have less stuff for when we move again next time. So that is the good thing about it. But it's just so hard to figure out what to dump. I see everything and think I could use this for that or this and so on... however, I've been trying hard to not do that and toss it.

My daughter and I decided we were going to donate all her old clothes and other things like books and toys to our local children's shelter. It's called Rainbow House and it is a shelter for homeless and abused children. I think this will be a great thing for my daughter to help out and she is very happy and wants to help kids her age who aren't as lucky as she is. So we will be taking things over there that they need or could use.

So don't think I have abandoned you all. Things have just been pretty crazy around here. I hope soon, we get settled into our new place and I can get back to regular life and blogging as well.

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