Wordless Wednesday - Strike

I feel like it has been ages since I made a Wordless Wednesday post. These used to be some of my favorite link ups and it just seems to have slipped by me for some time now. But I'm trying to get back on the scene and linking up again with some fabulous bloggers who host WW parties.

So anyway, here is this week's WW titled "Strike"

My daughter (8 yo) and I went bowling yesterday and had a very fun time. All you could bowl for $11 was an awesome deal. We got in 5 games before we had to call it a day.

She bowled her very first strike! She was just so overjoyed by this accomplishment.

I also had a pretty good game. I bowled four strikes in a row, also known as a Hambone {though we always referred to it as a "Four Bagger"}. I used to be on a bowling league when I was little and had my share of trophies and awards for great bowling achievements. But it's been many years since I bowled and this was a pretty proud moment for me.

However, we were more amazed by the guy sharing the lane next to us. A young fellow who knew he had skills. He bowled nine strikes in a row, or as we bowlers call it "Gordie Howe". It was impressive to watch.

So all in all, it was a pretty good day for bowling I would say!

This wasn't very "wordless" but that's alright :)

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