SH&SH #1 Hair Brush Review

I have always been pretty lucky with my hair. It is probably the most easiest hair to maintain. I can just brush it and go without hardly any effort. It's just plain, straight hair. However, my daughter has the complete opposite hair as I do. 

Her hair is super curly, tangled and knots up so easily even with a ton of conditioner and detangler in it. It's very hard to find products and brushes that don't leave her in tears after we are done. And not to mention the time. It's so time consuming to brush out her hair. It's an hour minimum to get it looking decent.

When I was offered to try SH&SH's #1 Hair Brush, I was very skeptical. Thinking this would just be another brush. The brush promises:
  • The revolutionary new design of the brush tongs means an effortless and painless detangle of both dry and wet hair
  • YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THIS HAIR BRUSH, and you'll have no more tears when detangling your kid's hair. It's perfect for all ages, and the fun, colorful brush tongs will delight your children.
  • LOOK YOUR BEST WHILE ON THE GO. The hairbrush is compact enough to fit inside a woman's purse. Though it's small, the brush and bristles are big enough to handle full, thick hair and will last a long time.
  • OUR DETANGLE HAIR BRUSH WON'T TUG OUT YOUR HAIR and can prevent hair loss, while also being anti-static. The whole family will appreciate it!
  • THIS BRUSH IS BACKED BY A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Order today and add a great new tool to your hair care kit!
So it caught my eye that says it's kid friendly, no more tears and detangles. I kept thinking to myself, "yea right.... maybe everyone else's hair, but not my daughter's." 

Well, we put this to the test.

This is what the brush looks like. Note, we had already used it before the photos so there is some hair that I couldn't remove for photo taking. Let's just pretend it gives added character LOL. It also has a mirror on the back which is nice when you are on the go. 

So here is our journey with the brush. I let my daughter brush out her own hair to see what her honest opinion and expierence was using it.

She said this brush has now changed her life. She told me that in her very honest opinion, this was amazing. She brushed out her wait in less than 10 minutes, all by herself, without any tears, crying, or virtually any pain she said. I was asking her if she was serious. She said yes!!

So the verdict is in. On the most complicated hair type I have known, this brush did exactly what was promised. I wasn't a believer and now I am. I told her this will be our new brush and hopefully we will never lose it.

If you would like to purchase this brush, it is available through Amazon

*disclaimer - I received one or more of this product in exchange for a blog post.
However, all opinions and views are my own. I give my honest review of all products/services*

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  1. How cool is that brush! Love this review :)