"My Favorite Quote"

Happy almost-Monday everyone! Welcome back. I'm joining in again for another week with Miss Monica from I Heart Grade 3 and her Weekly Summer Link Up. And this week's prompt is one I am going to love talking about. Why? Because it's "My Favorite Quote"

No joke, if you know me, you know this has been my favorite quote {and life message} since I first heard it back in good ol' 1999. I was a senior in high school that year and my all time favorite tv show was Popular. Yes, I loved that show. I still love that show. Bought the season on dvd and watched them millions of times in my mid 20's. And now it's on YouTube which is pretty cool.

Cancel My Subscription, I'm Over Your Issues!

The scene is infamous. The outcast Sam McPherson, gets a confidence boost. Shows up to her {about to be} step sister's, the ever popular Brooke McQueen, party to tell her off! I love it. 

Yes, if you know me, you know I put this as my favorite quote on everything. It is so right too. For years, I put up with so much crap and so many mean and hurtful people. People who only want to use you or people who fake friendships. That is why when I first heard this in season 1, episode 2...I have never forgotten. It really says what I should have said to those people a long time ago.

Now, I don't want to play the "mean girls" game anymore. So if you tick me off, you can cancel my subscription.... cause I'm done! I've been learning to let those type of people go a lot easier once I say this to myself. So thank you WB for airing this show to boost my confidence level a bit.

Now, doesn't that just feel better to drag away the negative people and the ones who bring you down? Not to mention, it is pretty clever! I find it comical.

Watch the clip below to see it in action :)

So what is your favorite quote? Is it from a movie, a book...the man who mows his lawn in his underware living next door? Leave a comment below!


  1. I can't really think of one Lol but this was cool reads! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I've never seen that movie either lol ill have to go watch now. Maybe it's on Netflix?

  3. Hi Rebecca!

    Guess what is now on my "Must Watch" list? What a great quote! It reminds me of my friend, Matt, because it is totally something he would say!

    Thanks for coming by and linking up! Hopefully you'll come by again!



  4. Loving your quote - fab!!