Angara Ruby Earrings
Let's face it, a ruby is totally gorgeous. The intense red color could never go unnoticed. Rubies are a show stopper. When seen, it is immediately associated with love, desire, passion and power. Which is probably why it's such a popular stone given on special occasions such as Valentine's Day.

Did you know that rubies can come in different shades of red depending on their location of origin? A Burmese ruby has for ages been called ‘pigeon’s blood red’. Unfortunately, these are very rare now. Thai rubies, which have a shade that veers towards brown. The Vietnamese rubies tend more towards purple ruby deposits are also found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and India.

The color is the most important factor in determining a ruby’s value. The finest ruby is described as a vivid medium-dark toned red. Secondary hues are an additional complication. Pink and purple are the normal secondary hues in ruby. Of these, purple is preferable because, the purple reinforces the red making it appear richer.

Of course, any precious stone, such as a ruby, can be expensive and out of the average person's budget. However with Angara, you can be sure that you will find the perfect ruby earrings to fit your budget. Angara offers  the same pieces available at four prices to meet every customer's budget. You can choose from "good, better, best, and heirloom" options.
After browsing the many lovely options of ruby earrings, you are taken to a more detailed page which looks like this:

What is so great about Angara is that you not only can choose the quality and color of your ruby, but you can choose from the different metal types as well. And what I find also really awesome is that if you can't fork over the total amount just yet but need something soon for a loved one or friend, you are able to make easy payment installments. Now that is great for those of us who are a little tight on cash.

I love that you are able to see the different quality and colors of the red rubies on the earring choices as well when you click on each grade. So why do customers shop at Angara? Because they offer free shipping worldwide, 30-day returns, 110% refund policy, 0% interest financing, a trusted gemstone source, and a large majority of our jewelry is made in Los Angeles, CA. Not to mention all the media press and rave reviews that Angara receives.
So if you are looking for the perfect gift, whether it is for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or just a surprise....check out the lovely ruby earrings that Angara has to offer. Remember, rubies are the birthstone for July. So if you know anyone with a July birthday, this may be the perfect website to check out for a beautiful and affordable gift.

Shop now to enjoy an additional 15% Off on your purchase. Apply coupon code ‘GIFTS’ at checkout and receive the best jewelry deal ever. One super-exciting advantage of shopping from Angara is that the store offers you a free jewelry gift with your buy and other benefits of free shipping and 30-day returns.

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