Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Shaping Serum Review

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There are so many interesting products out on the market today to help look your best. Many promise great results. But sometimes what may work for one person, may not work for another. I was given the chance to review a product like that, that I had not even heard of before. So it was bringing out my curiosity. 

I was sent Eveline Cosmetic's Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Shaping Serum to try out and review. I must say, I was a bit unsure on how a product similar to a lotion, would actually help reduce cellulite and firm the body. But you know, anything is possible so I gave it a try.
The product promises to:

Reduces adipose tissue, slims and shapes slim waist line Lifts buttocks and visibly corrects their contour Visibly reduces cellulite and improves skin elasticity and firmness Exceptionally intensive formula of Thermo Active Shaping Serum developed in Eveline Cosmetics laboratory, thanks to the combination of highly advanced active ingredients helps to perfect the shape of woman's body. Extremely effective THERMO FAT BURNER formula delicately warms up the skin, ensuring immediate penetration of active substances deep into epidermis, maximally accelerating reduction of adipose tissue. Serum rapidly slims abdomen, improving the waist shape, modeling and firming buttocks, bringing out their slim contour. Additionally, stimulates micro-circulation in areas covered by cellulite, which significantly accelerates smoothening unevenness, improving skin elasticity and firmness. SELECTED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Thermo Fat Burner - actively reduces deposits of fats, effectively removes stored lipids. MDL Complex - smoothens hypodermic unevenness as well as improves skin elasticity and firmness. Caffeine - stimulates metabolism and burning of fatty cells. Ivy and Horsetail Extract - support collagen and elastin production. Laminaria Algae - rich in mineral salts, deeply moisturize, soothe and eliminate toxins from tissues, additionally reinforcing the skin. EFFECTS*: Visible improvement of abdomen and buttocks firmness Tangible lifting and improvement in buttocks shape Reduction of unwanted roundness and waist slimming * self-evaluation test conducted on selected group of women for 4 weeks

So I decided to give it a go.
The instructions say to use this twice a day for at least four weeks for best results. I have not used it that much yet, so I am just going to go on what I have witnessed.

I opened the bottle and immediately noticed the scent of it. It had a very strong grapefruit type smell. Not unpleasant but it is very strong. My eight year old noticed it from across the room. She didn't like the smell too much but to me, it's not the worst thing you could smell like.

I squeezed out a quarter sized amount into my hand. It is a gel texture, look and feel that is of a reddish color. I started to rub it first on my butt. Yes, all over my butt because less face it, it hasn't been toned in years and it's a priority to get this butt back to it's awesome-ness again.

I then applied it to my thighs and again to my stomach area. I rubbed it in until the gel had soaked into my skin, which was surprisingly fairly quick. I began to do my regular household chores and it was not sticking at all to my clothes. Big plus right there.

I did though remember reading on the bottle that you would start to feel a tingling sensation that could last up to 40 minutes. That had began. My butt started to tingle. It felt as if I had been sitting on a heating pad and it warmed all up nice and toasty. However, it was not a burning feeling or anything I would say that felt uncomfortable. It just merely felt like my butt was tingling.

This was the only place I had felt the tingling. The other two spots I placed the gel on felt as if I just rubbed regular lotion on them. I do not have sensitive skin so maybe someone with sensitive skin would feel a bit more sensation. I am not sure. But I am fine with not feeling it on the other parts.

So far I have not noticed a difference but that doesn't mean there can't be anything that will happen. Even though I haven't noticed anything, my husband told me that my skin loos a little firmer and tighter. And he just wouldn't say that just to say that. So maybe there is hope that it is working. I simply need to keep continued use of the product and I plan on using up the entire bottle to see what my results are. I will most likely update this post once I have made my final conclusions on this.

If you are interested in trying this serum out for yourself, you can purchase it for $14.99 right now on Amazon.

*disclaimer - I received one or more of this product in exchange for a blog post.
However, all opinions and views are my own. I give my honest review of all products/services*

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