SelfieMaster Selfie Stick Review

I was given the chance to review the SelfieMaster SM-101 Bluetooth Selfie Stick. I have started to see and hear the popularity of these and of course, this made me curious just how these things actually worked. 

So what is a Selfie Stick? The Selfie Stick is a heavy duty rod that attaches to your phone and extends out so that you can take photos and videos from a distance while still having complete control over the camera. You are able to be in the photo as well as all your friends. No more holding out your arm and trying to squeeze everyone in.

1. Built-in bluetooth remote shutter
2. iOS, Andoid, Windows Mobile compatible
3. Take 500+ pictures with a single charge of 1 hour
4. Fits all phones including iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4
5. Anti-rotation groove to prevent the rod from spinning when heavy phone is mounted

I received this particular stick in pink because pink is my favorite color. Everything we needed was right in the box and very easy to assemble. I have an LG phone {however, it has never been activated so it's not a working phone. I just use it to take photos with and it works like an iPod in wifi}.
We attached that to the selfie stick and followed the easy instructions on how to pair it with the Bluetooth. Which was extremely simple and fast to do. It found it and paired immediately.

My two daughters immediately jumped in and wanted to try this out. Since they were too cute not to capture using the stick, I decided to get a few moments of them sharing it. My little bitty one year old grabbed the stick several times and was able to walk around with it in the air video recording herself. So if a one year old can hold it with no issues, it's a pretty lightweight contraption.

The selfie stick was pretty nice and fun for about 30 minutes. Everything was going just fine. But then the button got stuck where you press to take photos on the handle. And now, it no longer works. There was no rough housing or abusing the stick. I was really disappointed by this. So I guess that was a short lived product. Sad because there are a lot of good reviews on Amazon for it. 

Not sure if ours was just a bad one but it has made me disappointed in this product and I cannot say I would recommend anyone buying this now. Prior to that, I would have raved it's reviews on how great it was. But of course, a faulty button isn't a good sign. Hopefully it will somehow unstick itself and we can use this again because it would have come in great handy this summer.

Have you tried this or another selfie stick? How do you like it?

*disclaimer - I received one or more of this product in exchange for a blog post.
However, all opinions and views are my own. I give my honest review of all products/services*


  1. My kids would have a lot of fun using this! Although, they may break it easily. It is too bad you had some trouble with it.

  2. This looks great. I've tried using this once before, but I think it's the old kind since it doesn't have the bluetooth shutter.It's definitely useful especially when you go out of town. I just wish it was a little more durable. Thank you for sharing. I will consider this when I buy one of my own.