My Goals For The Summer

Being an educator seems like we don't get any breaks. Am I right? My classroom isn't the formal classroom since we homeschool but that is what makes it so much fun and special. We can learn inside or outside any time we choose. Which is wonderful. Who doesn't love getting a nice tan while doing math? Not to mention, the fresh air, the beautiful sound of nature filling our ears, and the fun little picnics for lunch instead of a cafeteria.

But anyway, I am part of a group on Facebook where a very awesome teacher, Miss Monica from I Heart Grade 3, came up with this wonderful and fun summer link up. It goes every week until the end of August. I really want to be able to do every single one. But if I can't, I will get in every one I can. Also, I love reading about what other teachers and educators like myself are doing. I am the type to gather ideas and knowledge from those before me and those with me. So this is FABULOUS!

So for the first entry, the prompt is:

It seems a bit funny, but I haven't really thought about summer yet. It doesn't seem like summer is here. The weather is too cool for summer and since there aren't a million reminders out that schools are fast approaching the end of their's something that didn't really dawn on me til now that summer vacation s almost here.
Since we have to meet a certain yearly hour quota in our state for homeschooling, I am going to be going through my notes to add up to see just where we are on that. I know we have done a lot of hours. So that is first things first. We do not have a set end date for our school year as I do plan to still do two lessons a day throughout the summer. Mostly Language Arts and Science, with Reading everyday as well.

#1 Finish up what we need to finish for our second grade year. I need to make sure we have 1000 hours in and we have done what I feel should be completed to move on to third grade in the fall. We've done good keeping on track and not slacking off. But I feel that you can always keep learning. Just because it's summer, doesn't mean you have to stop education.

#2 Try and do lots of experiments. We love science experiments and trying them out. I actually signed up up for a Science Experiment Swap. We are looking forward to getting our kits next month in the mail. Basically the concept was ten spaces were available. I signed us up in spot number ten! Just got in right in the nick of time. You create a science experiment and will have to make ten kits. Everything needed for the experiment must be included so that the recipient has everything they need and does not have to search or buy anything to do the experiment.

You create instructions and put each kit together in a bag. Then you mail all ten kits to the admin of the project. She then gets all the bags and puts a kit from each person into a box and sends that out to each person. Does that make sense? So now when we get our package in the mail, we will have ten different science kits {including our own in the mix} to do over the summer.

#3 Lots of outdoors adventures. Go cave exploring again {we did this at the beginning of this school year but would like to go back and do it again}. I also want to do more hiking in the woods.

#4 Getting our craft on. Yes, I love crafts. I have always been a big crafter. So I want to do lots of activities like sewing, crocheting, building things....just making lots of fun things in general. This also includes working on more Youtube videos and anything where my daughter doesn't want to stop doing it. I want everything to be fun and exciting.

#5 To move and get things unpacked in a great orderly fashion. I cannot wait to set up a room and space for my daughter to have her own space as well as a space for her to do her school work without the interruption of her little brother and sister always around bothering her. We are moving next month and moving is a pain, but I find it is also so fun to move into a new place, new ways to decorate and it feels like a new beginning.

#6 Getting my planner done and more things available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Right now, it's kind of bare. I tend to have a bunch of projects started and haven't gotten any really finished yet. So I want to finish up those to post as well as some new ones. I have been working on an exciting planner which I think teachers and homeschoolers will really enjoy. It's more geared toward the homeschool community, but that doesn't mean it's just for them. I can't wait to share it with everyone. It should be live next month.

#7 Planning out my school year for next year. This is a big one for me. Since last year was our first year homeschooling, I tried to create a curriculum and plan it all out, but i only got two weeks worth of planning done by the time school started. Making your own curriculum is a lot harder than I imagined but I love it. I have found planning the night before for the next day's work has worked pretty well for me. But I would like to try and make a lot of plans during this summer since I kind of now know what I am doing and what needs to get done. It will be easier the second time around. I would like to try and get at least til Thanksgiving out of the way of lessons.

So those are my goals for this summer. I'm sure there are many more that will come from those. I am always such a busy person, running around never stopping it seems. But those are ones I have been thinking about that I know we need or really want to accomplish this summer.

Do you have some summer goals you want to share? Join in the link up and add your list to the other bloggers over at I Heart Grade 3 .... so whether or not you teach in a public school setting, private school or right in your living room, all educators are welcome to link up. Let her know you found her blog through mine :)


  1. Thank you so much Rebecca! I couldn't have asked for a better shout out! I am so glad to have you apart of my first every linky party!

    I am so amazed by the wonderful, talented teacher/blogger/mommies that are taking on this challenge! I am learning so much from all of you - and I love the fact that most of our summer goals are quite similar! It would seem like educators are like kindred spirits!

    I am hoping that you will be able to continue linking up throughout the summer! I can't wait to read your next entry!


  2. Hi! I found your blog post through the linky! :) Your summer sounds really busy :)

    Have a great day!

    Maren @ Malimo Mode

  3. Thank you :) This was a really fun link up. I miss doing these types of things. I can't wait for next week to post and link back up!

  4. Found your blog through the linky. Lots of big goals! Have an excellent summer.

  5. Sounds like a busy fun filled summer! :) I have lots to share soon!