Sponsor Highlight - The Art Of Reggie Hope

I wanted to introduce you to my sponsor for this month. My sponsor is not only a very talented artist, but also happens to be my husband as well. His art work is amazing and he has a lot of passion and drive to succeed.

He started off as an illustrator and quickly became a 3D artist. Reggie worked for various game companies and helped create popular video game titles as well as worked on beautiful works of art as a freelance artist.

A little bit about him:
Reggie Hope is a professionally trained artist. Working with 3D models has become a passion though he still loves working with two dimensional work as well. Currently residing in Missouri, Reggie has worked for major game companies such as EA Tiburon and BioWare.
Reggie received a Bachelors degree in Illustration from Ringling School of Art & Design and then later earned his Master of Science in Interactive Entertainment from FIEA. While in school, his work was published in several sources including SRQ and Scope Magazine, as well as FIEA's website. He was also awarded top painter of the year in 2002.
Reggie started his professional career as an intern working for EA Tiburon in Orlando, Florida as a Character Artist on MMA. He also worked on Tiger Woods 2010. He then moved to Austin, Texas to work for BioWare as an Level Artist on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Reggie has also worked as the Lead Character Artist on Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego for IDEAS Orlando.
Reggie is hard working, team player, great artistic skills, and a strong background for video games and the art that goes into creating them. He has always had a love for art since a young age and will continue to create art that people enjoy. 
To view his website, click the sponsor banner below.


  1. That's so cool, I never knew your husband was an artist too! Did you meet in art school??

  2. Yes he is. A lot better than I am too. And yes, we met at school. I was a freshman and I met him through a sonority sister's boyfriend at a party

  3. That is neat. I bet your kids will grow up to be genius artists!