Hoffman Academy Piano Review

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano? Or have you been thinking of having your child play and learn the ivory keys? Lessons can be expensive. I know from experience. I took professional lessons for ten years and was also a piano teacher. Lessons are not cheap. Especially when the child {or even adult} is having a hard time grasping it or doesn't like the method of teaching. That is where Hoffman Academy comes in.

Now you can take out the expensive lessons and the headache of frustration and teach your children and even yourself with no music knowledge. Sounds a bit crazy right? I bet you are thinking, how on earth can you teach something that you have no experience with?

That is what makes Hoffman Academy unique. It offers the lessons broken down for anyone to learn and understand on their own and at their own pace. The best part about this is that it is low-cost to free. Every video lesson is completely free for anyone and everyone to watch and learn from. If you want to go even further in your lessons with more hands on, there are also inexpensive complete units which includes activity pages, sheet music, practice instructions, and MP3 files.

You can get a single unit to learn the piano for only $19.00

Hoffman Academy offers:
  • Correct playing technique, posture and hand position
  • How to read and write notes on the grand staff (treble clef and bass clef)
  • How to read, write, and perform rhythms
  • How to listen to music and to dictate melodies
  • How to improvise and compose your own songs
  • The basics of music theory, including chords, key signatures, and more!
I got to try this out with my own daughter. As I stated above, I used to play the piano myself and teach it as well to a few students so I have always had a big love for music and for playing it. I wanted her to try this method out as well to see how she felt about learning through the Hoffman way.

We sat down to do a few lessons. With all seriousness, she wasn't much interested at all in learning the piano and really had no desire. After about 15 minutes of using a few of the activity pages and sheet music guides, she asked me if we could continue and thought this was fun! I was a bit shocked by her reaction because I had wanted so bad for her to want to play the piano but I didn't want to push her if it wasn't in her interest. Now she wants to learn and continue using this method.

So from our experience, Hoffman Academy is really great. It is fun, enjoyable and simple to use for anyone wanting to learn the piano. We will be continuing our lessons through this program. If you are looking for a similar lesson for you or your child, I recommend checking them out and seeing if it's right for you.

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*disclaimer - I received one or more of this product in exchange for a blog post. 
However, all opinions and views are my own. I give my honest review of all products/services*


  1. This sounds really neat. They definitely didn't have programs like this out when I was younger. I took piano and flute as a kid/teen, and I'd love to get back into playing. I'm hoping I can get one or both of my kids interested in learning too at some point. I'll have to keep Hoffman Academy in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Same here. Stuff like this wasn't around when I was younger and really involved with lessons and dedication to the piano. I think it's wonderful they are offering free lesson videos. I think the sad thing is when a child wants to do something so bad, but money gets in the way. It's a big disappointment. I went through it a lot as a child and my daughter has had to deal with it. At least with this, they give you a little hope to try and get the love of music to everyone