7 New Wedding Trends That Could Save You Money on Your Reception

 People tend to spend ridiculous amounts of money on their wedding day. Of course, everybody wants it to be memorable and perfect, but it doesn’t mean that it should leave you and your loved one totally bankrupt without a penny of savings to start a new life. People have recognized this issue and the trends started appearing right away, making this an issue that will, hopefully, become the thing of the past. Here are some of the money saving trends that can save your money and your wallet. The stuff that you spend your money is the same, but the approach that you have on them can be life and money saving.

In the era of the emails and social networks, it is almost impossible not to use these technologies to invite people to your wedding. However, there can be some problems when it comes to using some plain e-vite template to send it to everybody. First of all, it is cost free and that makes it just cheap and too plain and secondly, there are people, like your elderly relatives, who don’t use the Internet as much as you do. However, you can use the ideas that you can find online to make your own invitations. Elegant design can look just as perfect without the engraving and similar things. Invest in fancy paper and make the most of your design skills and the printer. Planning ahead and a couple of crafty friends will help you have unique and cheap wedding invitations in no time.

There can be two ways to find the perfect venue at low cost. The first is that the venue itself offers some other perks and includes them in the price, like the cake or the catering or service, so it is worth the cost and the other is to pick a very cheap venue and make it look like a venue from a fairytale. One way of saving tons on a venue is making and outside wedding. Sometimes, this is the cheapest option if you have a house with a big backyard to rent or even borrow for that day from a friend. It will take a lot of planning, but it can be far more romantic, intimate and natural than some pricey venue that everybody uses.

 The key for having cheap catering is to take your time looking for a good caterer and making sure that the price is right. A lot of the caterers have different options and different ways of discount possibilities. Just by altering the menu slightly, you can save on the quantity and make it a far cheaper service than it would be if you only accepted the initial offer. Try and work something out with the caterer as they are usually prepared to listen.

 There are those amazing cakes that look like they are sculptures and not something that you would want to eat. All you want to do with them is take pictures. However, we all have that one person in our lives who makes the best and the most perfect cake. May it be your mother, aunt or sister, they would feel privileged and proud if you asked them to make your wedding cake. It will save money, but more importantly, it will be full of love and dedication.

Saving on the dress can be done in several ways. One of those ways is borrowing it or using the second hand dress and the other is making your own. It all depends on your preference and your style. However if you are planning on buying the dress, there is no way that you will be able to save the money.

Rented suits work just fine if you are one of those guys who doesn’t really like wearing them and that is probably the only day in your life that you are about to do it. Make sure that you will need it for at least two days if you want to make wedding photo session on another day rather on the day of the wedding.

The memories will be with you all the time, but they are best lived through when the whole thing is captured by the lens of the proper photographer. Sure, it is much cheaper to find a friend who likes snapping photos and has a cool camera, but this is probably something that you should spend the money on. Quite reasonable prices that wedding photography Melbourne based professionals offer should not be a problem for your budget.
These are just some of the things that you should pay attention to. However, if you want to make the wedding that will not cost you more than you can spend, simply make the detailed budget and be ready for a lot of DIY.

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