Rivanna Music Review

I was given the chance to review the Rivanna Music "Alphabet Jam" cd. And it really excited me! Is it bad that a children's cd got me so excited? Hahaha .... I was excited because I'm totally that type of mom that flocks to anything educational for her children. And Rivanna Music is just that...full of educational learning. And the best part is, the kids don't even see it as a learning tool. They just see it as fun and jump around to it.

A little about the company:
Established in 1988, Rivanna Music creates tunes that teach. Music therapist, singer/songwriter, Cathy Bollinger infuses this multisensory effect into her songs. Cathy has written children’s music which is so much fun, kids don’t even realize they are learning. Teachers and parents like Cathy’s music as much as their little ones do!

Cathy Bollinger has been working with children through music for more than 20 years. Beloved by her young audiences, she holds songwriting and teacher workshops, practices music therapy and performs. Bollinger received her Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapy from Drexel University College of Medicine (formerly Hahnemann Medical School) in Pennsylvania, and can often be found in the classroom, singing with preschool and elementary audiences and helping teachers to use the songs with their curricula.

Cathy and her business partner, Elly Tucker are committed to helping children by creating tunes that teach social skills, reading skills and other important daily living and school readiness skills.

The winner of FOUR Parents’ Choice Awards, as well as the National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) for children’s music, Rivanna Music has earned ”Parenting Magazine Pick” for the past 2 years and her music has been acclaimed by the American Library Association’s Booklist, School Library Journal and Autism Spectrum Quarterly.

My son just turned two years old. He is non-verbal. I'm ok with that. He has his own way with communicating with us and I have grown to understand his language and what he wants. But I always encourage him to try to speak to me and I always am speaking around him. So I thought the Alphabet Jam cd would be a great learning tool for him.

The Alphabet Jam cd is a mix of songs that teach your child letter sounds through repetition and sing-alongs. From the first energetic notes, the kids are fully engaged with 36 tracks to listen through over and over.

I popped the cd in and my kids all enjoyed it. I honestly noticed my son starting to make the letter "A" sound as they were in the song. I was so excited. He didn't try any of the other letters or sounds but really loved the "A" songs and I think this will be the start of some great progress for him.

I tried to get some good photos, but it was so hard. He was jumping around, clapping his hands, and laughing and smiling so much with the music. Which is a good thing though. Even my wee-little one started joining in and clapping her hands to it as well. We had a fun little family dance with the entire cd.

So after having to listen to this cd 100 million times in a row, I do agree with the awards they have won. It is a great cd for children. It makes it fun and easy to learn sounds and have fun while doing it. My kids love this cd. If you want to check out this one or one of the many others Rivanna Music has to offer, check out their website Rivanna Music to purchase your own.

*disclaimer - I received one or more of this product in exchange for a blog post*

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