Perfectly Posh Review

Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? If you haven't, you are missing out! I've been hearing a lot about it in the past few months and somehow through all the here and there talk, I found Shaleen, a Posh consultant who was so awesome enough to let me try out some of the hot products that Posh has available.

Now why is Perfectly Posh something you should consider? Why their products from others? I will let you in on a secret....well, it's not really a secret. It's actually something you will want to scream and shout out loud!

A lot of you know that I'm one of those types of people who are really into the natural sort of things. Especially when it comes to two things. My food and my body. What I was really drawn to about Posh right off the bat was that their products are so totally me. And totally for people like me! 
Get this.......
Need I say more? So many awesome reasons all right there. Am I right, or am I right? Exactly one {or many} reasons why you should stop to take a look.

So when Shaleen sent me some really great things to try out, I was completely over the moon excited to see just how awesome this package from her really was. She really outdid herself in the generous samples.

My 8 year old daughter wanted to help me try these out and review them, so we did this together. She gave me her feedback on every item as well. Since they don't have all that chemical stuff that other skin care products do, I didn't mind her testing them out with me.

We began by using the BFF Best Face Forever Exfoliating Face Wash. It's a gentle, daily, natural facewash and exfoliator. Perfect for starting out because I needed to have a clean face on hand for trying out the rest of the products.

The product felt slimy and a little rough in texture. You could really feel the scrubbers gently rubbing against the skin. It was a bit relaxing actually. The smell was minty and refreshing. Once we rinsed off the BFF, we both agreed that our face looked clean and felt smooth. So we gave this product a thumbs up! 

The next product we tried was the Mint For Each Other Chunk. It is a luxurious soap bar bursting with rosemary peppermint. I was excited to try this because with the dry winter that has been here, my hands get so dry to the point they start to bleed. Not so fun sounding, huh? I am not a lotion type of person and so I was wondering if this bar of soap would be different then the hand soap I have been using.
My daughter tried it out first. Those are her hands in the photo getting all soaped up. The bar of soap lathered very quickly. She told me it felt smooth and she loved how minty it smelled.

I tried it myself next and sure enough, everything she said was true. I have to add that it felt really creamy as I was rinsing it off. It lathered up so well and afterwards, my hands did not feel dry like when I use other soaps. They felt well-moistened and a lot more soft. This product got another thumbs up from the both of us.
We decided to move onto one of the products we had our eyes on. And that was the The Stripper D•Tox Body Mud. It is known as an aggressive detoxifying deep cleansing body mud mask. So we both decided to try it together.

The directions let you know that it could irritate sensitive skin. I was a bit hesitate to let my 8 year old try this one because of that factor. I know I have skin tough as nails, but she really wanted to try it.

When we started applying it, it had a cool feeling to it. That was the first thing my daughter said right away. She also said she really liked the smell. Though to me, I couldn't pin point an exact smell to associate with it other than it was just pleasant smelling. It went on very creamy and smooth.

But not long after, we started to feel the burn. The tingling sensation came on. And as I stated above, I have some tough skin. Nothing seems to bother my face. But I felt this one. Then our faces began to tighten up as the mask hardened. Once our 15 minutes was up, we rinsed off the mask with warm water. It washed off very easily and we both agreed our skin felt softer and smoother. I was really surprised that she could withhold the entire 15 mins of wearing the mask. So we both still have this product another thumbs up in our books.

Next product on the list was the Drop Dead Gorgeous Face Mask. It is a rejuvenating face mask loaded with Dead Sea mud and it's exclusive minerals. This product was unlike any other face mask I have tried before.

Just looking at it made me a bit nervous. You could see instantly how coarse the texture of this was and I knew it would be an intense mask.

I started to apply it and instantly, it felt like I was rubbing rocks against my face. But after rubbing for a minute, I began to feel the oils come out and spread around with my fingers. I then noticed a bit of a burning sensation. But not as intense as the last product.

I know I look a bit bland here. I just felt a bit tired from rubbing around the mask on my face. I had to make sure this time I pulled back my hair. As you can see, the mask had very large particles in it. But I was a bit surprised when I went to wash it off, that I really only felt the oils and hardly any of the coarseness. It really thought I would be washing off more of the hard "rocky" stuff and have it take longer to get off my face then it did. I have to say though, that this product really made me feel like I lost three layers of skin LOL. Not in a bad way. It just made my skin feel extra soft and smooth immediately. So I gave this a thumbs up. I did not allow my daughter to try this product out because of how coarse it was for her skin.

The next item up for try was the Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Creme. It is considered a light, daily moisturizer loaded with caffeine for tightening and brightening. Like I said above in a previous comment, I am not a fan of lotions. Not for my hands, body, or face. Lotion drives me crazy. The texture makes me freak out a bit and so I do not ever use it. But I wanted to try this out because it came in such a cute little container and I figured a little will not hurt. So I gave it a try. I let my daughter try it first though.

She started to grab almost the entire little sample. I'm like..stop hogging it LOL. She said she really liked this one. So I gave it a try and put some on my face. I have to say, I really have great things to say about this one. Honestly, I hate moisturizer on my face. But this did not bother me at all. In fact, it felt very smooth, we both agreed it smelled like oranges, it soaked in really fast and felt light weight. And seriously, coming from me, that says a lot! Because I am the queen of Lotion-Haters. And this one got a big thumbs up from the both of us.

And finally, last but not least, is the Lip Dye Posh Pink. It's a highly tinted lip tint in Perfectly Posh popping pink.

 It comes in this cute little pot and it is easy to dip your finger in there and apply straight to your lips. First impression of the lip dye was the scent. It smelled like watermelon. My daughter noticed it first as she was the one to unscrew the lid. It went on sheer but I built a few layers to get a deeper color. It is very moisturized and fells like you had put lip balm on your lips before hand.

The color for the Posh Pink is very beautiful. I can see myself wearing this out everyday while running errands or taking the kids to the playground. As of right now, I've been wearing it for three hours and my lips still feel like I just put it on. They do not feel dry in the slightest. So that is a huge plus for these cold winter months we are having. I give this one another thumbs up.

So have you Poshed at all? What are some of your favorite products you have tried? I can't say that anything I tried from them so far, I did not like. The products were all amazing and felt great on my skin.

If you are interested in purchasing a Perfectly Posh product for yourself or someone else, Shaleen is one of the most friendliest and polite people I have come across. She would be glad to assist you in any questions you may have or any items you are interested in. You can buy straight from her website or you can check her out on Facebook and leave a comment saying hi and that you heard about the Posh line through this post. These are products I would recommend and would love to purchase in the future.

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