GlassesShop Eye Glass Review

Everyone needs glasses. Yes, it's true. While there are many, many people who wear glasses to improve their eyesight....there are some people {like myself} that do not need to wear glasses to help with their vision, but we still need glasses to help protect our eyes from the sun.

Personally, I cannot be outdoors without sunglasses on if the sun is out and shinning down. Sunglasses are a must for me. Tinted lenses are something I'm so used to now to help with not blinding myself outdoors. I always keep a pair in my car and a pair in my purse. Just in case! And with three kids... you never know what may happen to them.

Have you heard of GlassesShop? They contacted me about their eye wear. And since I do not wear prescription eye glasses, I was able to get a pair of really stylish glasses with tinted lenses. They are really close to looking like sunglasses and do help keeping the sun out of my eyes.

GlassesShop is an American owned and operated online retailer of eyeglasses. Since the website launch in 2004, they have delivered over a million pairs of eyeglasses while maintaining a standard of providing the highest quality at affordable prices. They are a group of eye doctors that understands your struggle with the high cost of eyeglasses. They strive to make your experience with one that is not only user-friendly but also professional and reliable. Being able to deliver superior eyeglasses at an unbeatably-low price has allowed them to help people all over the world see clearly and, in turn, has provided a team with a more rewarding experience than they could have ever anticipated. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

It was hard just choosing one pair that I liked. There were so many on their website that were really fun, cute, and practical. But in the end I chose the Bridget Cat-Eye pair with black frames. I also added an 80% grey tint to the lenses.

Ordering and navigating through the website was very easy and fast. Just a few clicks here and there and it was done. If I did have any sorts of issues or problems, they offer a toll-free number I could call or even an online virtual chat assistant to help sort through any issues. I love when sites have a virtual chat assistant. That is my preferred method of communication when on the internet. Mostly because I don't have to apologize a million times to the person I am speaking to in the phone about my screaming kids in the background. You wouldn't believe how loud two toddlers can get while playing and watching Barney!

Once my glasses were ordered, it didn't take much time to get them. Shipping seemed to be fairly quick. Which, we all know is something we all like because who doesn't love getting mail? I know I do! My glasses arrived in a small, compact box. It seemed to hold the case secure and there were no damages to anything.

Inside the box contained a frosted plastic case, a lens cloth, and the eye glasses.
So I couldn't wait to try them on. I snapped a few photos. What do you think? Are they me? I really like them. I've never had "cat-eye" glasses before so I really wanted to grab them to see how snazzy I would look in them.

Now you have the chance to get your hands on these crazy-cool glasses as well.

Head over to GlassesShop Bridget Cat-Eye glass link and grab a pair of your own. Are the cat-eye not your style? No need to worry, just check out their website and find a pair that is just right for you. 

If you need more of a deal, they are also throwing in a 20% off code site wide. So head over and check it out. 
Make sure you use discount code: GSRebecca
*disclaimer - I received one or more of this product in exchange for a blog post*
Bridget Cat-Eye - Black
Bridget Cat-Eye - Black

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