Peanut Butter Brownie Recipe

With the holidays here, everyone seems to be baking up a storm. I love to bake. But what I love to bake the most are my special and oh-so famous Peanut Butter Brownies. Now, I say mine but it's not my recipe. However, I've been baking these for so long that everyone knows them as "the thing I bring to all the holiday parties".

They are a huge hit and everyone loves them. Now, I'm going to share the secret with you! And your friends and family will be saying to you, "OMG so yummy!" Seriously, no lie. These are ah-ma-zing!

I have to say, I love them fresh out of the oven all gooey. They taste super awesome hot and gooey. But you can cool them and cut them into squares as well.

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  1. I may have just drooled! LOL YUM!

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  2. this looks amazing! can't wait to try it

  3. Looks tasty!!