DIY Make Your Own Lipstick

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a really fun, and super simple easy DIY tutorial today for Makeup Monday over at Agape Love with Maria. My daughter and I had came across this while just playing around on the internet and it looked like a whole lot of fun. So we decided to try it for ourselves.

So check out our video below on how to make your own custom lipstick using only two ingredients that you probably already have in your home. In our video, we made a couple different colors. But afterwards, we used almost the entire crayon box and made a ton of awesome new and crazy cool lipsticks that actually really work.

One thing I must say is that if your lipstick starts to appear to be a little dry when applying, just add some coconut oil to your finger and rub it into the lipstick. It will bring the moisture back to it.

My eight year old daughter loves this project and always wants to keep making more. We made a black lipstick as well and it looks so awesome. Perfect for Halloween!

Have you made your own lipstick? Was it a success? What colors did you try to combine? Have a beauty post to share? Click the button below to link up with Makeup Monday

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  1. Wow how cool! Would love to try this myself. I don't wear tons of make up so making my own instead of paying would be so fun!

  2. This is super cool. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Cierra ExpressionsDec 22, 2014, 4:19:00 PM

    Oh Yes, I love this YT vid. Thanks can't wait to try this with the girls

  4. Vitually a TeacherDec 22, 2014, 5:44:00 PM

    Interesting ... I only have boys but I'll pass this idea on to my niece.

  5. Wow, this is interesting... I would never even think about making my own.
    Thank you for sharing it!

  6. How fun!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  7. Saving Common CentsDec 23, 2014, 9:36:00 AM

    Wow! My preteen daughter is going to love trying this! I've never heard of it!

  8. wow - I never thought a lipstick can be made at home! nice!

  9. Sounds like fun and interesting post. I have never heard about making lipstick on your own. But, I think my daughters would love to try this. Will share this post with them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. FUN! Thanks for sharing, I had to pin this to our MMBH board :)