From Bridesmaid Dress To Weekend Outfit

How many times have you heard someone say, "I'll never be able to wear that dress again" while being a bridesmaid in a wedding? But those days are over. Nowadays, bridesmaids dresses are not what they used to be. There is literally thousands of cool, fun, fresh, modern styles to choose from. The hard part is picking one. But what happens after the wedding? 

Let's face it. We all know that weddings do not come cheap. No matter how small of detail. I know many brides out there were like me. Trying to find everything that was perfect, but very much affordable and in my budget. It would have been great to be a billionaire while wedding planning. But the reality was, I wasn't. So I had to be smart. 

I wanted my bridesmaids to look great. I wanted them to feel great. I didn't want them to be put into some dress they hated and would never wear again. Why spend so much money on a dress that they didn't love as well? They were the ones having to look at that dress for the rest of the time they owned it. 

I let my girls choose their own dresses. I know not every bride does that, but a lot also do. So what happens to that dress? Shouldn't it be able to be a dress that can be worn again, and not just for a wedding? Of course it should be. My bridesmaids dresses were black. I chose black for my wedding because it was a very classic color that complimented any other color and I wouldn't have to look back on my wedding and see photos of the dresses and think to myself, "what was I thinking of choosing those colors?" 

If I were a bridesmaid right now and I was given the option to choose my own dress, I would probably go with something like the Alfred Sung D596 dress from Weddington Way
This dress screams classic to me. And not only that, it also seems to be flattering to a lot of different body types. Plus, I always am thinking, "what could I do with this dress afterwards? How could I wear this dress out and it not look like it belongs in a wedding?" 
This dress would be fun to spruce up into a fun weekend outfit. Black and red are pretty popular this time of year. Taking the basic bridesmaid dress and accessorizing it with a red belt around the waist. Let's not forget the jacket. A fun pattern to give it some character.

Pull back that hair in a loose ponytail that says stylish, yet flirty and fun. Strike up a bit of sass with a sleek headband. Grab a bracelet and your favorite pair of sunglasses. Let's not forget the shoes. Comfortable shoes are key to going out. Flats are perfect because they can say comfort while making the dress more casual and less formal.

A fun hat and purse will really make the dress less "wedding" like. Finally, snap on a fun case onto your phone and grab that sassy umbrella and you are on your way from "bridesmaid" to "watch out weekend, here I come!"

There are so many ways to make a formal affair dress into something you can wear again. The possibilities are endless. What combinations would you go with to change a bridesmaids dress into something you could rock the town in?


  1. You need to put some of my dresses together like this!! Awesome work!

  2. This is something I will keep in mind! I have just started planning my wedding, and I don't want to force my girls to be stuck with with dresses that will just gather dust in their closets afterward!