Celebrity Monogram Necklace Review + Discount

Being a mother is sure a crazy spin. I have three kids and I adore each one today more than yesterday. I'm always wondering how can I keep my children close to my heart at all times through something wearable. A lot of people have their children's names tattooed on their bodies. I'm not the tattoo kind of gal. And having a bracelet, ring or necklace with all three names would be a bit bulky or odd looking I imagine.

So what were my options? I wanted something that showed each child was special to me. I couldn't choose just one name to pick out for a piece of jewelry to wear. That wouldn't be fair. Then the greatest thing came along. I was really excited to be contacted by
to receive a necklace to try out for all you lovely people. MyNameNecklace.com has some beautiful jewelry. I can't lie about that. The pieces are stunning. So of course, I was uber excited to look around their site. They offer a wide collection of personalized jewelry such as Monogram Necklaces, Name Necklaces and Engraved Jewelry.

I fell in love with the Celebrity Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silver immediately. My eyes were glued to it. It was so pretty. Since it was a monogram, the first though that came to my mind was my name and initials. And then that thought left after two seconds. Then I thought, perfect!!! I can use one of my children's names. But then, which name? I didn't want to exclude anyone but I really wanted the necklace.

That is when my eight year old daughter {who was also looking at the site with me} said out loud, "Why don't you use the first letter of each of our names?"

My mind was blown! I thought what an amazingly brilliant idea. I have three children and there are three spots available for lettering. She is a genius I tell ya :) So I got to work writing down their initials in different orders to see which one looked the best on the necklace. Since it was going to be a beautiful script font, I wanted to make sure it all fit together nicely.

After a little while, I was set on what I wanted. I just needed to place my order and wait. I was so excited and was all giddy when it finally arrived. When I opened the package, I found a cute little white box with a bow on it.
{please excuse the bad lighting in the photos}
I decided to go with the letters "RNL". I placed the "N" in the middle as the biggest because my first born child is named Natalya. Then to the left is the "R" for Reggie Jr. since he was my second. And to the right is the letter "L" for Larissa which is my youngest child.

I am very much in love with this necklace and wear it everywhere I go. 
I now have all three children close to my heart even when they are not with me. My daughter loves this necklace as well. She tells me everyday that it was a good idea to place all three names onto it. And I tell her she did a good job :)

The Celebrity Monogram Necklace is a great gift for yourself or someone you care about. And if it's not your style, there are other very beautiful styes of necklaces or other jewelry to choose from.

Right now, all my readers can get a 10% discount off of any of the jewelry on found on MyNameNecklace.com just by using the code: REBECCA at checkout. 
If you have ordered one, let me know what one you own.

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  1. What a great idea! I love monograms, such a classic look!