The Nail Files - Sugar & Polka Dots

Happy Friday! It's been a while since I posted anything about nail polish and that actually makes me really sad. I'm so addicted to nail polish, somedays, I can't think of anything else... there's nothing wrong with that is there? LOL .... I constantly storm the aisles in stores to just look for hours at the polish. The kids and husband roll their eyes... I say they are just jealous hahaha...

Seriously though. I love nail polish. I need to make more posts about it because it's just super fun to me. But I decided to write up a quick post today for The Nail Files with Jennie and also linking up with Mankeup Mondays with Maria.

Today, I'm showing off my new mani for this week. I scored some awesome nail wraps at Ulta for $3.00 ...Couldn't pass that one up. I'm so loving the polka dots. And then I also paired it with an IsaDora polish to accent as well.


So I got my nails ready and decided to play around. Here was the outcome. I really like it actually. I think it's pretty spunky!I'm a huge sucker for textured polish. I mean HUGE. I love them all. Must have them's probably unhealthy haha.


I wish I would have taken a photo after I put it on fresh. This is after about 4 days of wear. So it's a bit banged up but I still love it!


  1. Great combo! Three bucks is a steal!! Love the pop of pink, too! And mixing it up with the texture was a fabulous idea!

  2. Thanks so much! I thought it was pretty fun to do. And I'm totally loving the combo as well :)

  3. That looks great, I can't believe it's 4 days old! Mine is already half off by then. :(

  4. Do you know about Jamberrys?? I am so addicted I became a consultant!

  5. Lovely! The pink is great! I was very hesitant about textured polishes for the longest time, but I got one for a gift and really liked it!