I Think My House Is Haunted

Ok, so we really don't have doors opening and closing. But there are a lot more strange things that have been happening that have been making me feel like we are not alone here. And it's becoming a bit more harder to ignore.

Since the very first night we moved in a year ago, I've suspected things. Strange things. Uncomfortable things. Some have made me feel a bit scared. While others aren't so bad. Just feelings or noises that I notice but don't bother me as much.

And just the other day, I was told a few things about the land that started to make my strange experiences and feelings make more sense. First, before I go into the details of what I found out....let me share with you why I think my house is haunted.

Since we started to live in the house we do now, strange noises and other things are something I started experiencing immediately. I really never said much as I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Being in the home at night while my husband is at work....I just thought I was kind of scaring myself. I would think I was just thinking I was hearing this or that....but now, I think it's more than just my mind.
One of the first things i started to experience was I would be in the bedroom trying to fall asleep and I would hear faint noises coming from the dining room area. I would start to think someone must have left the tv on in the living room. But of course, the tv was off and so was everything else. I then started noticing over the course of the months that the random noises began to sound like music and also like someone humming to that music.

Even now, I still hear the same tone of voice in a humming sound coming from the dining room area after I go into the bedroom. Of course, I sit at the dining room table to be on the computer so while I'm in the room, I do not hear these voices or noises. It is only until after I have stepped away. 

I then started hearing loud bangs while in the bedroom. It sounded like someone hammering against the wall or as if something fell from the room above and crashed hard onto the floor. It would be so loud sometimes, that it would wake me up out of my sleep in almost a "heart attack" kind of mode. It also would be so loud, the bed would shake too. I felt at times it was almost as if a cannon was going off right in our back yard and shaking the house late at night.

I then would get really worried that it was my almost two year old. He sleeps in the bedroom right above me and I would panic so bad that he flipped out of his crib and landed so hard on the floor, that it shook the bedroom. I wouldn't hear any crying and it made me panic harder that he fell so hard that it knocked him unconscious. I would race upstairs only to find him fast asleep in his crib snuggled up with Pooh Bear.

The months went on and I would hear the banging about ten times a night. I would race upstairs to see if he was alright and then check on my {now} nine month old as well. Both were always asleep. Where did all this banging come from? And why was it happening? My oldest daughter has experienced this with me on many occasions. We hear the bangs all the time and ask each other what was that noise. So it makes me feel a bit better to know I'm just not going crazy. Someone else hears it too.

Then I started to hear more sounds coming from the dining room area. Not just the music and the humming, but now I feel as though I can hear conversations going on. Once again, I get up to see if the tv is on and so low, the voices are muffled. And again every night, nothing is turned on.

I now have a feeling I can hear a conversation between three people. And its always the same three people. The voices are always the same. It sounds as if it is two men and one woman talking amongst themselves. I cannot figure out what they are saying, but I can just hear muffled conversation taking place. I hear this about three times a week. Always around the same times every night...around 2am.

I have also felt as if someone has come into the bathroom when I'm in the shower and opening up the shower curtain. Only to turn around and no one is there. Being a mommy, you constantly have a child coming into the bathroom while you are in there. So at first, I don't ever think anything of it because I'm always thinking it's my daughter walking in. But only to find that she is fast asleep when I take a shower and no one else is home or awake. But I just get a feeling someone else is there with me.

Also too, I have felt a few times someone in the bed beside me. My oldest daughter usually sleeps in bed with me because my husband is at work at night. So I don't mind her keeping me warm and we can snuggle up to each other. But on one particular night, she had fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie and I was in the bedroom getting ready to lie down.

As I was laying down, I felt as if someone was in the room. It felt like someone came and laid down next to me. I had to take a double look because I swore I felt the bed push down a bit. I did not see anything happen, just felt it. I have never felt threatened. Though I do feel scared sometimes. Some nights more than others.

I constantly hear at night noises as if someone is running up and down the stairs super fast. Like how my husband stomps down the stairs sometimes. Its the same exact noise. And at first, I'm like, "oh, he's coming downstairs..." except he's not home. He's at work. I actually have a feeling at times it's a little kid running around up and down the stairs. And other nights, I will be sitting at the table in the dining room and hear it and stop and just stare at the stairs. I sometimes just freeze and other times, it doesn't bother me as much. I'm just waiting to see if I finally see something around the bottom of the stairs. I know there is a lot of activity right there.

Well, then I found out something interesting. I had a nice conversation with our next door neighbor. She has been living in her place for quite some years now. And she had come up to me one day and told me she feels like she is going crazy because she's constantly hearing noises, loud banging coming from her upstairs where her daughter's sleep, only to find them asleep as well. She said that she has also been awoken to loud sounds as if it were cannons going off during the middle of the night. And she then told me she was in her kitchen one day and felt something blow on the back of her neck and say something to her.

I felt stunned! I was telling her I felt I was going crazy hearing noises and experiencing things. I felt so much better I wasn't alone and someone else had the same things they noticed. And yet, it was creepy at the same time. Then she began to tell me something that really opened my eyes to it all. Something that really made me believe now that it's just not my imagination, but this land is haunted.

I was told that back during the Civil War, close by land had been a battle site during the war. She said if you look really closely out of her window upstairs facing the backyard, you can see Civil War gravestones. I told her my oldest daughter was asking about what those were because they are so hard to see now due to so many trees and woods growing behind our houses. She said that some years ago, they used to keep it open and tidy because it was historical. But now she noticed over the years, the upkeep slacked and now the woods have taken it over. They will not move the gravestones because of it's historical significance.

So I now feel as though the puzzle is coming together. And had I known this, I probably would have never moved in LOL. But seriously, I have thought for a while now that strange things were happening but didn't know why. Now I know that maybe I'm not alone in the house, even when I think I am. I do believe that there are three spirits also living here with us. And as long as I do not start to feel threatened, I will be fine. I do hope they keep the banging down though. I hate that. It's freaky sometimes and annoying.

Have you ever thought you lived in a haunted place? My mom thinks I should have someone come and "talk" to them. But I think I'll just leave it as they keep to their self, and I'll keep to myself. I don't mind them here, but I don't think I would like to know anymore about them. Its funny because I'm totally obsessed with show like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters... I love that stuff. But it's awesome to watch on Netflix. But for me, it's another to have it in real life. I just think I would rather not make contact if there really are spirits here.