Make Your Own Scratch Board - xoxo Rebecca

Make Your Own Scratch Board

I wanted to share a craft that we did for an art project recently for school. How many of you know what a scratch board is? And how many of you have done one? Being an artist, I have done several of these. We had many assignments back in art school on scratch board. 

You can find them everywhere for pretty cheap. But I wanted to make the project with my daughter more fun and have her create her own scratch board, instead of buying one and then using it. 

For those that don't know what scratch boards are, click here for some examples that have been done. Scratch boards are fun because you are using the negative space in an interesting way.

The basics of it is that you scratch away at the back to show the underneath color through. Traditionally, it's silver or white underneath. But I have seen some with gold and multi-colors as well. And by scratching, you create a picture. It's pretty neat.

So here is what we used to create our own....

After you have gathered your materials, you start to color on the illustration board. It can be one solid color, or a variety of colors. As you can see, my daughter decided to create a stripe pattern. Also, make sure you use paper or something underneath to protect the surface you are working on. It can get a bit messy.

Once she was done, it looked like this

Once the coloring is done, cover the illustration board with the India Ink. I did a test before hand to see how to make this work properly. Just use a think coat but make sure it is opaque. I tried doing a really hard coat of ink and it was impossible to scratch off on my test run. So make sure you are using just enough ink to cover the surface.

Let that dry. Once it's dry, then you can go ahead and begin to scratch away a picture or design. Just let your creativity flow. Typically, you would use a scratch board pen but I couldn't find mine {and I have a thousand floating around here somewhere}. So we had to improvise. My daughter first tried to use a nail and scratch the ink with. But she would using a mechanical pencil worked a lot better. So we just rolled with that.

It was fun to see all the different colors start to pop through as she scratched at the dried ink. I reminded her not to scratch through too hard otherwise she would start scratching away the crayon as well.

The final outcome of her drawing looked like this....

So the project was super easy and she had a blast making this. And the best part too is you can make mistakes. It's ok. You can fix them. Wonder how? Just take a little bit of your India ink and make a dab over the oppsie. Let it dry and you are now ready to scratch again.
And no matter what, each piece of art is beautiful. So you can't go wrong! 

Have you tried scratch board before? Have you made your own? Did you use India ink or another way? I know there are a few ways to go about this. But since I had these supplies just laying around, it was the perfect blend.