Beautiful Bouqs Company Bouquet

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a fabulous evening. I recently was introduced to a site that was right up my! What girl doesn't love to receive flowers? I know I love them. They are great for many reasons. Perfect for any occasion, makes any room beautiful and more colorful, and not to mention, they smell fabulous!

Tell me there isn't a better gift to just make you smile for no reason. I'm one of those people that loves to stop and smell the flowers. And now I could, without leaving my living room.
So I have to say, when I placed an order with The Bouqs Company, it was fast, easy, and everything was simple to use the website. I was able to explore the site easily because all their flower bouquets were perfectly shown with big enough photos, that I didn't have to click through each and every one to see if I would like them.
This is just an example of a few from the site. They have so many more gorgeous bouquets.

I also liked that The Bouqs Company had an amazing selection of flowers to choose from. I mean, it was amazing the selection. They had so many different flowers and varieties that it was great to look through. I had a hard time choosing one. I wanted them all! But I found one that screamed "perfect" to me. I chose the Recognize bouquet. I loved the beautiful orange colors shown. I'm usually a rose flower type of girl. But these beautiful lilies were calling my name.

So what is so special about these flowers? Why are they so much better than just going to the store and buying some? Here's a few cool reason why The Bouqs Company is a better than the rest:

So I was instantly hooked on the cool background of where the flowers actually come from. Once I placed my order, I got to choose the delivery date. The first available date was one week from the day I placed the order. I think that is pretty fast considering other flowers delivery services I've used it took a few weeks.

Upon it's arrival, I was given a nice long box that they were in. The box looked like it had gotten a bit dented during shipping but it wasn't anything major and the flowers were not affected by this at all.
Opening up the box, the flowers were wrapped nicely in brown paper and secured with a nylon strip so they wouldn't move around. This was my first time ever getting flowers delivered in a box and I was curious as to how it would work. But I was happy to see they take all measures to make sure the flowers are safe and sound.
So I cut the nylon strap and took the wrapped flowers out of the box.
The flowers were tied tightly with rubber bands and cellophane. After I got all the wrappings off, I saw that there was a pack of plant food attached as well. This way the flowers would get some minerals while in the vase. The flowers were mostly still buds. But the instructions said that it would take a few hours once in water to start to bloom and spread out. I was very anxious t see how they would look once they were fully bloomed.

After a few hours, they started to open up and bloom into some beautiful, bold and bright lilies. 
They looked stunning! I was super excited to see how they just brought so much color to the room. But I couldn't wait for them to fully bloom and give off even more radiance.
Here is a collage of how beautiful these flowers really are. I couldn't stop taking photo after photo. I was in love with these flowers for sure!

Aren't the colors just amazing? Super beautiful. Brought a smile to my face each time I sat at the dining room table, which is where I placed them. So if you are looking for something beautiful to celebrate an occasion, brighten up someone's day {or your own for that matter}, then check out The Bouqs Company for one special gift that won't disappoint!

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product to review and discuss.
Although this was a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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