End Of Summer Favorite Finds

End Of Summer Fun

Galliano dress, $405 / Jimmy Choo strappy stiletto sandals / Straw beach bag / Blue Nile yellow gold heart bracelet / Athleta summer hat / Iphone wristlet / Elizabeth arden eyeshadow / PUR lips makeup / GUESS beach perfume / Mac cosmetics nail polish / OPI navy blue nail polish, $20

It's officially the end of summer around these parts. The kids are back in school and the malls are bare again from teenage rage in the early afternoons. So what other way to say goodbye to summer than with a totally cute outfit? I am totally digging this look I put together. I'm a sucker for buttercup yellows.

One of my favorites this summer was cute dresses and cute shoes with darling handbags. Not to mention, nail polish galore! This would totally be my go-to outfit for this time of year. Just overall loving this look. I wish I could grab this out of the monitor and put it on right now. How I wish that's how it worked.

Macbook Keyboard Decal
Really loving this decal for the keyboard. How cute is this? Totally something I would do to make my laptop that much creative and colorful. Priced at $12.99 at InTheSticker

Black CATS 2 Familiar Symbols Nail Art 

I'm totally a sucker for anything that has to do with nails. And these are just too cute. I love cats too. I recently had to give away my cat and so I miss her terribly. And these little decals remind me so much of her. I really want these decals....like now!!! Check them out and many more over at NorthOfSalem for $4.99 for a set of 51.

Save the Date Stamp Set

I'm already married, but I really love this. I wish I had seen this when I started planning my wedding years ago. But I think this is also adorable for things like baby announcements or birth-dates. This is one of my favorite items I've come across. Check it out for $39.95 at StampCouture

What have been some of your favorite end of the summer finds lately?


  1. those macbook stickers!! that whole etsy store is freaking adorable <3

  2. Aren't they super cute? I totally want them all