Nail Polish Exchange Link-Up Reveal

For those of you who participated in the second round of this nail polish exchange, I wanted to say a big thank you! I hope everyone had fun and got some really great colors and new looks in the mail. I also wanted to thank my other two hosts, Shary and Jennifer for stepping in and helping out. Big hugs to our both!
As stated in the guidelines, I promised a link up to share and show off everyone's new colors. So that is what this post is all about. At the bottom, you will find where you can link up your nail polish exchange packages you received from your partner. So make those posts and share them with us!!! Also, if you want to share your photos on Instagram, just use #SpilledPolishSwap in your description so we can all find it as well.

Now, onto the reveal, shall we?
I was teamed up with Stephanie from Just A Little Bit Louder. Stephanie and I seemed to have a lot in common when it came to our taste in polish brands and colors. That was great. It was like we were color soul mates LOL. True! So I was so excited to send my package off to her way and I was really excited to see a package from her arrive in my mailbox. I just couldn't wait to open it. I was not disappointed. She sure spoiled me completely!

Let me start off by saying that the packaging was really cute. I loved the cellophane bags. Seemed to be just full of happiness and I knew whatever was inside, would bring a smile to my face. But before I opened them just yet, I read the lovely card inside the envelope. Then I proceeded to rip open to the goodies :)

I was not expecting so many polishes but it was really awesome to see them all there. I couldn't wait to try them out. I had told her how I loved pink, sparkly things, pastel colors, textures....I told you, I was not disappointed! In fact, I was over the moon with this package.

So my oldest daughter {7 years old} and I had fun grabbing right into the colors and started to test them on our nails and play around with them. I have to say that my photos don't do the colors justice. The lighting is just terrible unfortunately so I couldn't get the true color on some of them. But they look really beautiful in person. So I swatched a different color on each finger.

So for the last photo, I decided to place the OPI on my pinky. The stars are such a fun little accent that is in this bottle. They really pop on the white polish. So then I decided to change up my fingers and do the rest that I originally had on my thumb in the very first photo shown with the Sally Hansen Triple Shine. And this was the results:

So I am really loving the colors and thank you so much again Stephanie for all of them. I can't wait to use the rest in a full mani. Which I will be doing very soon cause a girl can't ever wear too much nail polish. Am I right? LOL

Now that I've shown you my goodies, it's time to link up yours. So if you participated in the swap, please link below. I can't wait to see what everyone else received! You can also grab the button to if you'd like.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish Exchange

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  1. hooray!!! I'm gonna post mine soon, but I'm SO glad you loved them!!!! :)