30 Day Water Challenge - xoxo Rebecca

30 Day Water Challenge

So I have decided to take on the challenge of drinking absolutely nothing but water, and only water, for 30 days when I feel thirsty. No other drinks at all. Just plain water. Granted I'm a bit of a water snob and only drink Penta water. 

So who is up for the challenge? For the next 30 days, starting today, when you feel thirsty, grab some water and chug that bad mamma jamma down. I am doing this challenge with no caffeine, no sugar, nothing but pure water. I have actually already kind of cheated and started about 5 days ago. The first three days were rough. I had terrible migraines for those three days straight. But now I feel great.

Most of you know, I have two little ones...19 months old and 5 months old...I'm tired all the time. I don't sleep. I get no rest. So I felt so exhausted...now, after day five with only water and no caffeine/sugar...I feel great! I have more energy too.

But the water challenge is supposed to show a big difference in your face. I am taking a photo today of how I look and then compare it to a photo I will take on the 30th day and see the changes. Dark circles are supposed to disappear, lines are supposed to look finer, skin brighter and less tired looking....I'm excited to see the difference.

So who is in? Wanna do this challenge with me? Two of my friends are already geared up to go. I'm so excited!!!