Mani Monday - Jamberry Nail Wraps

Hello lovely nail fanatics! Another week of Mani Monday is here. 
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and now it's time to show off those nails! 
I know I have been behind a few weeks on this. And I haven't meant to be. 
Life happens, and I'm hoping to get this back and running more frequently again 

There's a new trend going around the nail world right now. Have your heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps? They are one of the newest sensations for nail polish goers like myself. There are other brands out there that have produced similar wraps that I have tried. So I decided to try Jamberry out for myself.

What had drawn me to their site was the amazing selection that they offer. I have never seen such an array of selection before from any brand that offered nail wraps. There really is something for everyone. Even for kids as well. So I was contacted by the very lovely and sweet Ali to give them a try and see if I liked the wraps. So I took her offer and put them up to the test. I have only tried one other brand of nail wraps in the past so I am not an expert on these at all but I accepted the challenge :)

How you use a Jamberry Nail Wrap is pretty simple. Though I must admit, the application wasn't so horrible but I didn't have a heat source like the one recommended. I don't own a hair dryer, flat iron, or a space heater. But none the less, it's not too bad. This video from the website gives you a complete tutorial on application as well as the removal process

So what is supposed to be the secret behind why Jamberry Nail Wraps are great is because they are stronger and thicker than a lot of other nail wrap brands. I have to admit, they do seem a lot more sturdy then others I have tried. And they are supposed to last around 2 weeks, where nail polish doesn't last that long before it starts to chip or look ragged.

So I went ahead and painted my nails with two Julep polishes and then used the Jamberry Nail Wraps as well to give some fun accents on each hand. Now something a lot of people know about me, I never paint the same color on each hand. I always have two separate colors on my hands at all times.

Please excuse the different length of nails. I seem to always break my ring finger nail on both hands at the exact same time. So it looks a bit funny, but it will grow back soon. I hate when my nails are that short. Anyway, on this hand I decided to wear Julep's Bea as the base coat. And I tried Jamberry's Flirty Flair to accent on my ring and middle finger {again, I hate that my ring finger broke and is short..uh, it's driving me crazy}. And then on my pinky, I am using Jamberry's Lace Noir

And on the other hand.....

So again...I really hate that my ring finger nail is so much shorter. Blah! So on this hand, I decided to wear Julep's Something Blue from their wedding collection as my base coat. Then again for my pinky {like the other hand} I am using Jamberry's Lace Noir. The reason I used this one twice was because it's so lovely how its see-thru so you can see the polish right under it and really make it pop. I think this one is by far my favorite because of that. Then on my ring finger, I chose Jamberry's Pickled Paisley.  

I was glad to be able to try these out because there has been so much talk about them all over different Facebook groups I am on. So are you ready to take the Jamberry Challenge? For the Challenge, put the Jams on one or two fingers on each hand and paint the rest of your nails with a favorite, coordinating polish.  Take a pic after you finish and take another pic at the 7 day mark (and some in between!) and compare the difference between your polish and your Jamberry Nail Wrap. Does it hold up? We shall see! I am on day four right now with these wraps and so far, so good.

Are you ready for the challenge? If you are interested in purchasing some Jamberry Nail Wraps for yourself {or a friend}, Ali has a special going on right now. If you purchase 3 wraps through her site HERE, you get one free. And if you do, you are also entered into a monthly drawing to win a set of free nail wraps. 

Also, are not interested in trying before you commit to buying? You are in luck! Ali also is offering samples if you are wanting to try them out before you make a purchase. Just email her at and let her know you found her site through my blog and she will hook you up with everything you need to get going on some fabulous nails!

So what are you wearing on your nails this week? Link up your old or new looks below!
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  1. oh I LOVE jamberry! I need to apply a new set on my nails this week...maybe tomorrow ?!?

  2. :) I haven't heard of them til recently. But I do like them

  3. I soo love nail art! <3 I think now is the time for you to get a hair dryer. It would be very helpful with the Jamberry Nail Wrap application. You should get the ones from Karmin, it's the best ever! ;)