Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish Exchange

Welcome to the second round of Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish nail swap. The first time I hosted this, it was a great hit and successful. Not to mention really fun! So back by popular demand, is another round of it. Since we are saying goodbye to the cooler weather {some of us said goodbye a long time ago while a lot of us are just now feeling some warmer temps}, what would be more of a perfect theme than:

I would like to introduce the ladies bringing you this swap. Myself along with two other lovely bloggers {and great friends of mine} are going to make this a fun exchange!

You can follow each of these lovely bloggers below by visiting their blogs:


With the theme April Showers Bring May Flowers, you are able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. With those April showers behind us, we can now celebrate the beautiful May flowers and enjoy nature's wonderful bright and pretty colors. And nail polish is no exception when taking inspiration for this season.

So here's how it will work {the famous ten rules}:

1. Sign up below using the form between May 4th - May 10th.
2.  On May 11th, everyone will be paired with someone & notified via email who their swap buddies are.
3. Get to know your partner. You will have until May 31st to mail out your package to them.
4. Packages should be $15.00 {before shipping}. You can choose to splurge more if you would like but to keep it reasonable, $15.00 seems fair. You can make it fun and include other small little gifts if you would like.
5. Please make sure you package your box so that the polishes are secure. We would hate to see anyone's break during shipping because then we will be crying over spilled polish!
6. This swap will be open to bloggers as well as non-bloggers. We ask that all non-bloggers be active on Instagram so that they can participate in sharing their packages as well with everyone
7. Right now the swap will only be available to those in the US and Canada. Please note on the form below all the info about swapping internationally.
8. All participates must be serious about the exchange. Please be sure if you sign up, you are willing to go through with your part.
9. On June 11th, there will be a link up to show off your polish posts. This way everyone can share all the fun things they got. Please make sure you link up your post if you are a blogger or share through Instagram.
10. Have fun with this! And don't forget to share. Spread the word throughout your social media sites. The more that participate, the more fun it will be. Grab the button if you would like as well and post it on your blog {or share on instagram}

Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish Exchange
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  1. Packages should be $15.00 {before shipping}. You can choose to splurge more if you would like but to keep it reasonable, $15.00 seems fair. You can make it fun and include other small little gifts if you would like.

  2. What an awesome idea for a swap! I love nail polish and with summer right around the corner, its just in time for some fun colors.

    Thanks so much for dropping by and linking up at Gingham & Roses!

    Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

  3. I hope you decide to join in! It was so much fun last time we did this :)

  4. this is such a cute idea! I may have to join in (even though a puppy demanding pets somehow always ruins my wet nails!!)!

  5. Terin Aleah GarrettMay 7, 2014, 2:21:00 PM

    Yay! How exciting! Thanks for hosting! :)

  6. I really hope to see you join in! It was a lot of fun last time and so far, it looks like we have a great group so far signing up

  7. :) I hope to see you join in with us.

  8. That is awesome! Thanks so much :)

  9. I wish I lived closer!! Seems so much fun, so I've shared the love instead.

    I've shared this post on my 'shout-out' post! A post where I share all my favourite posts from the last week.