It's All About The Hair

Hair extensions are super popular. Not just popular with the celebrities, but also just the average person on the street. Seems to be a big trend now-a-days. And of course, why not? Hair extensions can be a girl's best friend {of course if they are done right}. You don't want to be out looking like a crazy person with horribly bad extensions. 

The point of extensions is to not let them be known. Natural is a winner. They must look like you aren't wearing any at all. When I was contacted by BestHairBuy, I knew this would be a fun article to write up. I have purchased extensions for myself before and really loved them.

I wore hair extensions for my wedding day. I wanted to have beautiful long flowy hair. So I decided to purchase some and I was so happy that I did. They looked amazing and so easy to put in.

I purchased a similar style to this one. It clips right onto your hair securely. No need to worry about it falling off. 

Trust me, I know. You move around a lot and for hours and hours during your wedding day and mine never moved an inch then entire day or night. This was my hair using the extensions:

All we did was separate my hair from top and bottom. Only the top half is actually showing while the rest of the hair is underneath the extensions. The top part of the hair laid lightly over the clipped part so that it looked natural and nothing showed from where the extensions started.

The clip-ons are so easy to use and takes seconds to put in your hair. It also makes for easy removal as well. Have you ever tried extensions? As you may have known, hair extensions can be a bit costly. If you are looking into getting some for a more reasonable price, check out BestHairBuy's site and and see their large selection.

They supply all different types from ombre hair to weaves and all sorts of other hair accessories. You can also choose from a range of hair colors as well as all different lengths. Get the celebrity look for less. You can also find great tips, tricks, and inspiration from their YouTube page as well.

If you have tried the clip-ons or any other extensions, let me know how you liked them and what kind you've used. I would love to know how they have worked out for you. 


  1. You look beautiful!
    I can never get hair extensions to feel right.
    They must not look right if they don't feel right, right? :/
    I'm glad you suggested a good place for extensions!
    Thanks a ton for sharing. c:


  2. Terin Aleah GarrettMar 16, 2014, 6:46:00 AM

    Your hair looks great! :)

    A lot of people at work have been getting extensions lately! :)

  3. Beautiful and so tastefully done. Clip-ons are a great accessory to have!