The History Of Baking

I have always been a fan of baking. In fact, baking used to be something I did on a daily basis. Now, I don't ever seem to find the time to get out my mixer and it kills me. I am not a cook, but I do love to bake. So I was recently introduced to this little graphic that shows the history of baking and it's sometimes fun to sit back and see how your interests have evolved over time and when exactly it had started.

Of course, baking has come a long way, as most things have over time. But it's fun to see what people used to use and work with to make simple things like breads and cakes. The graphic starts off with the Egyptians and ends with today’s society.


  1. Did you make that infographic?! Cute!!!

  2. That's neat to see! I love baking too but I don't do it nearly enough..

  3. These days I don't think I would trust any cake that lasts for months ;)