Hot Trends to Incorporate into Spring Weddings

Hot Trends to Incorporate into Spring Weddings
Post written by Mindy Virdee
Springtime is the season in which fresh sunlight makes icicles melt and buds poke through the soil; trees’ blooms open up, releasing an undeniably intoxicating scent; and warm rays and cool breezes mix to create the seemingly perfect temperature. What better time is there to celebrate a new chapter of your life with a wedding?  
Here are a few trends to consider when planning your springtime nuptials:
Pantone color palettes: Pantone released its list of “it” colors for spring, and the highlights include hemlock green, sand, freesia yellow, violet tulip, radiant orchid, cayenne red, dazzling blue, celosia orange, Paloma gray and placid blue. These hues cover a vast array of intensities; if you do pick one of the vibrant pigments, subdued it with one of the softer tints in order to capture spring’s feminine, gentle essence.
Parisian Style- NY Bridal Week showed huge Parisian influence this year. Long dramatic veils, simple tied bouquets of single bloom styles, antique jewelry and hair accents, and lace accented dresses ruled the runway. Click here for stunning examples of Parisian jewelry styles.

Rustic Barn Elegance-Barn weddings are hugely popular right now, as they provide a beautiful rustic background for both formal and informal affairs. Plus, they provide the added bonus of giving your event shelter from those pesky April showers.  Food is highlighted on stylishly set buffet tables sparkling beneath canopies of twinkle lights. Rustic wood chairs, and tables are draped with lace accents to create the perfect combination of rustic elegance. This environment is especially accommodating to another bridal trend of having a shorter gown. Not only does this allow you to move freely without a heavy train dragging along the ground, but it enables you to show off cute footwear like cowboy boots. To make sure that you don’t become cold in the springtime air, consider wearing a sweater, shawl or jacket. You can find cover-ups specifically designed to harmonize with your bridal gown from wedding dress stores like David’s Bridal and Tulip Bridal.

Casual Vintage Vineyard- For the perfect blend of refinement with natural beauty, couples are increasing finding their Eden in vineyards. Guests dine on local food, small plates or buffet style- that is complemented by in-vineyard wines, served at table. Customized bottles of the vineyard’s signature blend also double as much appreciated guest favors. Wine corks, bundled in ribbons of the wedding colors, serve as place card holders. Color palettes can enchant with blush and champagnes that are accented by muted gold, merlots and cherry are set off by pale gray or lime. Instead of overloading on flowers, let the land’s prettiness shine with attractive candles.
Play with flowers: Springtime is when nature awakens, so let this echo in your floral arrangements. Don’t worry if arrangements or bouquets are not 100% perfect; let their innate prettiness work its magic with a bunches that are looser and a tad bit wild. Ladylike blooms like peonies, lilacs, ranunculus and clematis will all look lovely; for a bit of earthiness, mix in greenery like ferns.
The most important thing to remember when planning your wedding is to stay true to your wishes. If something seems out of the ordinary, but you love it, go for it. These choices, that are uniquely yours, are what will really make your springtime wedding feel like your special day.

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