Drink & Be Merry!

Now, this is not my invention and I totally with it were. It's so cute and amazing. But the genius behind these amazingly cute drinks is Cocktails By Cody. Totally creative and a great twist to turning your drinks into your favorite Disney character.

Cody is a mixologist based in Spokane, WA. If you wish to contact him to cater, you can contact him through email or phone. All info is located on his Facebook page. If I lived near there, I would totally do this. 

So here are some of the photos he is sharing on his Facebook of the drinks he has come up with. All rights to the drinks themselves, and the recipes involved, are owned by him. The photos being shared are his as well. I just thought these were too pretty and creative not to share.

Aurora's drink is a light, sweet, tropical flavored martini in a layered form of pink to blue.
To portray the fight over her gowns coloring.
It's the mistress of evil herself, Maleficent. The layering in this drink makes it look like an oil spill, and nothing short of vile.
It is a mixture of tart, bitter, and sour that is a wonderful combination, while still having a strong vodka based backbone.
Belle's drink is a mellow yellow banana split martini. It's smooth, sweet,and light. Makes for the perfect dessert drink.
The macho villain himself, Gaston. More of a drink for the boys, a whiskey based cocktail, with rich black cherry, and smooth nutty amaretto finish.
Each layer has a different flavor type going on, and when combined make a great islander drink.
All topped with Swedish Fish.
In a unique refreshing combo of Grape and coconut rum, the 'Sea Witch' is born.
Jasmine's drink is white rum based, and a much more exotic light mix. The main hassle with this drink is mixing it so the color lands. All topped with gold sprinkles, and laying at the bottom.
Jafar is a sleek, tall, toxic drink. Along with one of my favorite liquors ever, Myers Rum, it makes for a very potent drink with the pineapple, and grenadine cover. All topped with a orange peel cut into a cobra.
Cinderella's classic blue gown captured into this creamy light, blueberry based drink.
A drink that's a vile deep red, bitter pomegranate flavoring, with a sweet chocolate finish. Perfect for this malicious villain.
Snow: The base drink is pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite at the bottom, and blue curacao layered on top. Grumpy: The Orange & grenadine work perfectly with the base drink.
Cursed Apple: Equal all on the Apple, double cran.
And there are others and more on his Facebook page. You'll just have to head over and check them out. Plus he's always adding new ones. Just recently added a Rapunzel drink as well. I'm going to be keeping my eye out his page from now on and you should too. These are just so cute and creative. Who wouldn't love to taste one of these?


  1. These are great, I needed some recipes for a All Star weekend party we're going to on Sat.

    Thanks Rebecca

  2. these look great. although I've seen a blog post about these already but it was earlier in the week.

  3. This is amazing! Love creative Disney things!

  4. Disney, no Disney, I just like to booze and I want all of the things! lol.

  5. This is great need an all in one picture to share on Pinterest!!!!