Larissa's Birth Story

Two weeks have passed since I gave birth to my third child, but my second daughter. Now I had two girls and a boy to love forever and ever in my heart. I don't know how detailed this will end up or if anyone is even interested in hearing it. But these were the events that took place two weeks ago.

The week before having my daughter, I was having mild contractions. Some, not so mild either. We had gone to the hospital thinking we may end up having a New Years baby instead. Of course, I was sent home and nothing came of it.

The weekend following, I began to have more contractions. I was for sure I would need my husband to take me to the hospital but waited it out. The contractions died down and I felt normal again. Then in the very early hours of Monday morning {Jan 6th}, I started to have really intense contractions. They lasted two hours. I was in so much pain, I could barely move. So I got a hold of my parents and told them I may have my husband take me to the hospital.

The pain started getting so bad, I felt very nauseous and knew the time was getting close. My body hits a certain level of pain before I start to throw up uncontrollably. It has happened with every pregnancy when I hit labor.

My parents came by the house around 6:30am to take my son and daughter for me while I tried to rest some more and see if anything else kicked up again since things started to calm down with the contractions. I slept that entire day {which was very much needed} and my husband was on shift for that night at his job. 

So after waking up and eating and getting a shower, I was feeling better. Since there had been so much activity that morning, we both thought it would be best if he dropped me off at my parent's house while he was at work just in case anything were to happen. I was sure nothing would and so I packed up some things and we headed over to their house around 7:30pm.

I had brought my computer and some clothes and was feeling pretty good. Around 8:30pm, my mom, daughter, and I were sitting at the kitchen table and I started to have some painful contractions again. After 15 mins my mom asked if she should go wake up my dad to take me to the hospital. I told her no, I didn't want to go yet. It should settle down. So more time passed and they kept becoming more painful. Finally around 9:15pm, she said she was getting my dad.

Around 10:00pm we finally got some things together and everyone situated, and decided to try and head over there. My daughter wanted to tag along, so she did. My mom stayed with my son at home while we took off. It was the coldest night we have had yet. There was a severe snow and wind chill advisory in effect and that they said the conditions were suicidal to drive in and only be out if absolutely necessary. With the wind chill, it hit -36 degrees that night. 

We made it to the hospital around 10:30pm. They admitted me into a delivery room and hooked me up to all the crazy monitors they have to watch the baby's heart rate and the contractions. They checked how far along I was and I was at 4cm dilated and 75% effaced. So the three of us were in the room waiting to see if anything would start up again. I was having contractions on and off. Some were very mild, some were getting more severe. But they were not regular. I was worried I would be sent home again.

They came in an hour later and checked me again. No change in anything but the contractions were starting to become closer together and getting a bit more intense. I was checked again and still not anything past what I had begun with. The doctors left the room again and the contractions started to become really painful. I was now making noises every time I had one.  It had passed midnight now. We had been there for about an hour and a half while being monitored. Contractions were getting harder and harder to ignore.

They came in once more and checked me again around 1:30am {Jan 7} now. They said I had made progress and was now at 5cm dilated. At that moment once the doctors left the room, I started feeling really hard contractions. This time, the pain was not so easy to ignore. In fact, it was so painful for most of the contractions, I started to scream a little. I tried not to, but couldn't help it. I was alone in the room with my daughter who was sleeping on the couch in there.

I didn't know where my dad had went but I was not feeling good at all. The pain started to really kick in. I was becoming more and more unable to take it. I would grab the side of the bed and cry out every time one hit again. I started to become louder so that my daughter would hear me and wake up. She was knocked out. I couldn't reach the nurses call button either.

Finally, after what felt like forever, my daughter woke up. I told her to go find Grandpa and have him come here. I knew he had to be out in the hallway close by. I normally would never tell my seven year old to just venture out of a room and wander the halls but I was desperate by that point for help. The pain was killing me. It was now around 2:00am.

My dad came in shortly after and I told him to get a nurse, doctor, someone.. I couldn't take it anymore. So he got someone quickly and they checked me again. I was now at 6cm and they told me that we were going to be having a baby today. I was officially in real live full blown labor now with the closeness of contractions and everything happening on the monitor.. I wasn't going home. So I told my dad to call my husband at work and have him come to the hospital. My dad and my husband work together so my dad had all the info and numbers he needed to call my husband's job.

He had put the phone on speaker and I could hear him talking to a lady. She knew my dad and he then asked to speak to my husband. She was all giddy and too happy for that early in the morning and was like "oh why, what's going on?" I'm like for real? Are we really going to sit and have a conversation. My insides are coming out and I'm feeling like my head could spin around  while puking green slime and no one is getting to the point here.

I'm having extremely painful contractions and so I start to scream and yell and cry. My dad tells the lady "his wife is in labor"...then my favorite part of the conversation ...she goes "oh wow! I can hear her." No shit Sherlock. Pardon the language. But I was getting so pissed off no one was just getting to the point and getting my husband there.

So finally she says she will tell him to leave and come to the hospital. He showed up at around 2:45am while they were starting to put an IV in my hand. I hate that part of it. I am really screaming at this point and they check me again. They said I'm at 7cm now and no cervix was left. So the baby would be coming really soon.

Up until this point, I was on zero pain meds or anything. I couldn't take it anymore. I screamed and begged for an epidural. They asked if I was sure because they could feel the baby's head and I could start pushing very soon. I couldn't even move at this point. I was in so much pain, I was just rolling back and forth in the bed screaming now because the contractions were right on top of each other.

The doctor told me they needed to do an ultrasound quickly so that they could be sure the baby's position was good to go to start pushing. I was yelling at them the entire time. She couldn't get an ultrasound reading because I couldn't hold still. So another doctor looked quickly and did an exam again and said baby's head is in position so we can start. It was about 3:10am now and they informed me I was at 10cm and we can start getting the baby out. I wanted the epidural. 

Of course, they were telling me that this far along, it may not work. I didn't care. I needed something for the pain. It was too much. Granted, I have already done an all natural childbirth with my first daughter so I knew what it felt like. I wanted a more calmer birth like I had with my son and wanted something to help ease the pain.

So they started telling me that people at 10cm can't sit still long enough to get anything. I said I didn't care, I can sit still...just give me something. Of course, it felt like forever again. I was crying and screaming so bad now. They had to sit there and have me sign paperwork saying I knew all the cons of having meds during labor and the complications and yadda yadda that goes with it.

I honestly don't know how I signed anything. I just scribbled something down and was like "get me the fucking drugs!" The nurses kept telling me the anesthesiologist was on their way but had to get stuff. I'm like "are you fucking kidding me?" Yes, I cuss a lot, especially in pain.

Now, one thing they did let me do was scream as much as I needed to. In fact, they encouraged it. Where at the other hospital i had my two other children in, they did not allow any screaming at all. The nurses here told me that whatever will help get through the pain just do what I needed to do. I liked that cause I took full advantage. I screamed so bad that I swear if you were walking in the hallway, you probably would have thought an exorcism was being preformed in the room. My husband was just laughing at me. I guess I went over board but I didn't care nor could I even think straight anymore. All I kept asking was "where is my epidural?"

Finally around 3:30am I was able to get some relief. I was given a spinal that would last about 2 hours max. Since the baby's head was already coming out, I didn't need much in there. I would be fine with the relief I got. And boy was it nice. I calmed down and apologized to all the nurses and doctors. They told me I was funny and no need to be sorry. After we were alone again in the room, I heard a pop and felt some hot water for a second. My water just broke! It was so strange. Like a water balloon popping. I never felt that before. My water never broke when I had my daughter and with my son, it was more like just dripping. No popping sound or feel. I told my husband to go get the nurse.

She came in and sat with us for a bit. This is when I decided to inform her about my birth plan. Since I never got to type one up or write it down, she said I could just start telling her verbally. So I did. I was happy to know that what I wanted for the birth and for the after birth was pretty much great with them. Since my doctor knew what I wanted and was totally for all my beliefs and what I had planned, he was not able to be there while I was giving birth. So I needed to make sure everyone there knew my wishes on things.

At around 3:55am, they told me that everyone and everything was ready for me to push. My
daughter wanted to stay and watch {she watched our son being born} but my dad wanted her out in the hallway with him. I think he needed the company and needed to have her there for support as well. After pushing three times, we had a new baby in our arms at 4:02am.

Since we didn't know prior to what our baby was going to be, I had asked them a while ago if they could announce it to us when the baby was born. They said "It's a girl"...I was so excited. I wanted another girl. So now we had two girls and a boy. They let my dad know and him and my daughter came back into the room to see her. 

She was perfect. Everyone started to ask her name. I just looked blankly at them. A name? We hadn't even talked about names. So we were left alone to discuss what the perfect name for our perfect baby was going to be. I said the name Larissa & my husband thought it would fit just fine & now we had little Larissa in our family. 

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  1. A baby Tiger! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl from a fellow Missourian and MU alum. =) That crocheted hat is precious. I hope you're feeling ok and getting a little sleep when you can.

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  3. She is adorable! I was cracking up because I am a cusser when I am in pain too!

  4. Beautiful baby. I am so glad things went smoothly and there were no complications. I swear with my epidural I didn't feel a thing and didn't yell or swear at all!

  5. What a crazy birth! It does sound funny reading it, but I bet it wasn't funny for you while it was happening!!

    She is so beautiful. I just love her name. Your daughter's names together just sound so sweet. :)

  6. I'm so excited that you got another little girl! And she's totally adorable! I had to have a very painful "procedure" after giving birth to Lyla, that is kinda graphic so I won't go into details on here but I was screaming and cussing so loud. I apologized so much afterwards! Thankfully they have pretty decent soundproofing in their rooms!

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