How To Be Creative With Your Facebook Page

A lot of bloggers have been getting more and more creative with their Facebook pages. I recently decided to change mine up, update it, and make it pretty. And it was actually fairly simple to do. So how do you make it pretty? I'll give you a run down of how I did mine.

Everyone seems familiar with changing your profile picture and your cover banner. But what about those annoying little app boxes? That is what we are going to do today. Turn those ugly app boxes into something more pleasing.

Here is what my Facebook page looks like. The tab photos can be made anyway you like them. I simply just coordinated with the ombre colors of my blog to match. But you can do whatever you choose.
The first step is to install your apps onto your Facebook page.

Installing the apps:
  • Search Facebook for the apps you'd like to add
  • Click the link that says app underneath
  • Click install page tab and follow the instructions
Now that you have chosen which apps you would like to show up, it's time to create your image to replace the ugly old app buttons. You can use any program. I use Adobe Illustrator the most when doing any designing. It's the program I am most familiar with but like I said, any editing and photo creating software will do.

Open up your program and create a new document to the size of 111 x 74 pixels. That is the image area for the Facebook tabs.

Next, create your background. Whether it be an image or a solid color, the choice is up to you. I decided with a solid color to match my blog template color

Then find the type face you would like to use as the wording for your tab box.

Now save your work and you are ready to upload it into Facebook.

Changing your Facebook tab photo:

--> To the right of the tabs, there will be a box with a downward facing arrow. Click on that arrow.

--> Hover over the tab whose image you would like to change, click the edit pencil that appears.
--> Click edit settings, a little pop-up box will appear.

--> Where it says custom tab images, click on the change link to the right. {you can also change the name you want as well here to appear underneath the tab}

--> Hover over the image, click the edit pencil that appears, and upload the new image you created.

That should be it. Then you just continue doing that for the rest of them and once finished, you should have a beautiful Facebook page all nice and pretty and unique.

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  1. you know i love it! OMBRE!!!!! lol

    1. Girl! I know me too :) You made me feel so pretty on my blog with it!

  2. Great tutorial, already changed my tabs. One question, how did you get the Twitter and Blog tabs? I have been looking and can't find it.

    1. The blog app is from Network Blogs. And with the Twitter app, I just typed in "Twitter" and it was the first one that appeared and says "app" underneath and then "5,000,000+ users" next to it

  3. Great post! I was just saying how plain my facebook page looks

  4. That is super cute....but I've been trying forever to add apps to my pages but no sort of "install page tab" instructions are available regardless of what I do. I don't get it!

    1. Actually my good friend Rekita posted the actual links to take you straight to the apps. Here's her tutorial on it. I am not sure why it's not locating for me now to show you

    2. I have the same problem as Bekah does: the "install page tab" doesn't show up regardless of whether I'm logged in as my Page or as myself. I'm headed to Rekita's tutorial to see if it helps - thanks for linking!

  5. This is great Rebecca! I've just bookmark this post :) x

    1. :) I hope it helps out. Some people are having a bit of issues with the process but it was working when I was doing it. Hopefully the issues are just temporary

  6. Thanks, I really needed this!!

  7. OMG!! thanks Rebecca!! Ill be soo flashing up my page when I have a moment. Thanks heaps!