Wordless Wednesday - Snow & New Case

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  1. That must have been so exciting, seeing snow for the first time!! I got super excited when we got our first snowfall of the year, and I see it every year, hahah.

  2. That must have been quite an experience for her! Thanks for linking up at Momma T and Family! I hope to see you back next week! =)

  3. I love the case and I love that your family are finally getting a chance to experience snow, exciting!

  4. wow. I know its been at least 5 yrs or so since GA got snow and we dont even get a foot.

    Come check out the new post http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/2013/12/faith.html. What are your thoughts on faith?

  5. oh thats wonderful!!! How sweet!

  6. Awwwww look at her face!! All happy :oD

    Love the pictures!

    Thank you for linking up!