Nine Month Mark

We are finally in the home-stretch. Officially hit the nine month mark now. Meaning we are counting down the weeks and days. Time has gone by fast and I don't know how I'm not prepared yet mentally for this new baby. But I am not. It's coming up so fast. But we are excited at the same time. Just nervous. Baby will be here before we all know it. And most likely, before 28 days since my other pregnancies were before my due date as well.
My seven year old daughter took the photo above of me. Isn't it cute? The belly is pretty big now. I think the biggest I've ever had in a pregnancy. My husband agrees as well. It gets in the way so much. I can't seem to move, bend, stand, sit... nothing. Everything is uncomfortable. But I'm thinking the next of these updates I do, will be a baby announcement! What do you all think? If you want to see my past monthly bumpdate reports & photos, just click HERE 

Well, I officially went over my 20 pound mark. I wasn't supposed to gain more than 20 pounds total. But I did. And now it makes me feel a bit bad. Especially since that week I got scolded for the weight I gained. But I am hoping that I don't go anywhere past 25 pounds. 
So it can't be helped. I've been trying to workout, walking about six hours a day, and I eat properly. Just with pregnancy, I guess it's bound to happen to put on a little weight. I'll be so happy to get it off though in a few weeks. 22 pounds is not something a girl likes to hear. But if the baby and I are healthy, I think it will be alright.

Are you as excited as I am to find out what our little baby will be? I can't wait to see what we are having now. I'm still hoping girl but everyone keeps saying boy all the way. So who knows! It's not too much longer now! I did a poll with my last pregnancy to see what everyone thought and so since we are down to the last month, I thought it would be fun to do another. I'm so curious to know what you all think this baby will be.

What Do You Think? He or She? free polls 

As I have stated above, I'm scared to be almost finished with this pregnancy but also relieved as well. So many crazy things have happened with this one. Each one of my pregnancies have been totally different and had some crazy moments. It's funny how that happens. But I am now going to the doctor once a week until delivery. Almost there!!! The end is close near.

This week's appointment was a bit scary for me. In general the entire day has some crazy downfalls. Wasn't the best day. But things started to be ok. I went for my 36 weeks appointment. My blodd pressure is still great as always however I was told something a pregnant woman doesn't want to hear. Actually a couple of things they don't want to hear.
The doctor started to get concerned because we couldn't locate the baby's heart beat. It's always shown up before and this time, it wasn't able to be found. Only my heart beat. So then he measured my belly and it's now measuring too small. Each appointment for the past three weeks, they started to measure my belly. And each time, the weeks get pushed back. This time, I was showing an entire month back instead of where I should be. He started getting concerned the baby is too small and it's not growing anymore. My heart sank. I knew what that could mean.

So he put in for an emergency ultrasound to check for the baby's weight/size and position of where the heart could be located. The good news is, the baby is not breech anymore and has turned head down. It has also dropped. I've been waiting for it to drop. It's been so horrible having the baby up in my ribs and lungs this whole time. I can never breathe. Now, there is some relief at least there.

So I went in for my ultrasound and the lady started with the stomach. She found the baby's heart and it was beating at 146 bpm. So thank goodness it was easy to locate on the ultrasound. We checked the kidneys, liver, heart, stomach, head, and fluid around the baby. She said everything seemed to look like nothing was wrong and the baby is weighing in at 6 pounds 1 oz. So the baby is not small and is still growing. What a relief that was. I was so happy. I haven't had an ultrasound since 19 weeks so it was a nice gift to see my baby again. I even got a photo. It's hard to make out because there just isn't anymore room for the baby to move around. But I still am happy I got one regardless.

Here is little baby's profile.
So little one is doing alright. And I am glad. I also had to do my Group Strep B test as well this week. It was probably the most comfortable one I have ever done. With my other pregnancies, they did it differently and this one was so much more better. So we shall see what the results show. I was negative with my daughter and positive with my son. So this time around, I have no idea.

I also finally get to see the Pelvic Bone Rehabilitation Specialist as well today. I was supposed to have already seen her before this appointment but there was a mix up with scheduling. My doctor really needs to me to be seen. Last week, I posted about how with this pregnancy, I somehow have dislocated my pelvis out of place and so the joints that connect my leg bones together and very swollen and inflamed.

It hurts to walk, to move, to stand up, to sit down...basically everything. I've never had this before so it will make for a more difficult labor and I don't want that. So my doctor wants me to be seen so they can help re-position my bones back to a more comfortable setting so that I'm back to normal when labor starts. So we shall see how that goes and hopefully it will relieve some of the pain {I'm hoping all of the pain} I've been having.

I was checked as well to see if I have dilated any since with my previous pregnancies, I started around this many weeks. So far, nothing. Everything is closed up and no baby coming right now. I'm glad. I want to at least make it out of December before this one decides to show up.

Now that I'm going once a week, I go back next week at 37 weeks in. My doctor will be on vacation for the holidays so I will be seeing the other doctor I saw when he went on vacation for Thanksgiving. I believe it will just consist of just rechecking things to make sure baby is ok and be quick. Though I have no idea. And then the following week when my doctor returns, I want to re-discuss my "birth-plan" though he's really nice about how I feel about birthing and being natural and no interference. So I am glad that nothing I don't want done will be done unless it's absolutely needed. He knows my beliefs on c-sections and inductions and things like that and so since I've never had to go through anything like that, he said my chances are around 9% of having to have that done. So I'm super glad to hear that nothing will be pushed unless it's an emergency.
I feel confident that everything will go the way I would like it to. Though, this being my third pregnancy, I do understand things don't always go as planned and so I am prepared for that was well.


  1. Hello Rebecca!
    That is a cute big bump. Enjoy this new adventure ;) Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Thank you :) I am hoping it is a smooth new adventure !

  2. Yeah! Do you think she'll be a Christmas baby? Wishing you all the best, and Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year!

    1. Thank you!!! I don't think this baby will be coming in December. At least I really hope not :)

  3. Yay! Getting close! Happy Holidays!

    Anne @ The Pink Momma

    1. Happy Holidays to you too. Yes, we are almost there

  4. That must have been so scary when they couldn't find the heartbeat and they thought he/she had stopped growing! So glad Baby is ok. :)

    DO NOT STRESS ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT!!!! You only have a few more weeks to go, just try to get some rest! Seriously, no one exercises or worries about weight in the last few weeks. I know at 36 weeks, I felt like I had a complete work out just getting up, getting dressed, and getting into the car.

    That is such a beautiful shot that your daughter got, and I love the graphics you put together for this post. You are so talented with that sort of stuff, I'm jealous!!

    1. I don't know why the weight thing stresses me out sooo much. I normally am the type to not really go by what the doctors say. But I don't know why this particular topic just bothers me soooo much. I think cause I still hate myself for not being able to get the weight off from when I had my daughter. And it really bothers me I still never did.
      And I love the photo too. She did a good job for just getting it. Of course, I tried doing it myself with a timer but it wasn't working right.
      And the graphics were done super fast using
      Normally I do everything in Photoshop but Picmonkey was a lot faster and easier for these updates. So it kind of did all the work for me :)