Holiday Cards

It's New Years Eve and everyone is making their posts about their year in review! I am just now getting on the ball with our Holiday Cards. It has some moments on them so I thought I would share before this year officially becomes to a close.

My seven year old daughter made our cards by hand this year using construction paper and glitter. She used glitter to cover the snowmen which I thought was a really nice touch and made the cards all sparkly! I then created a little note to put inside of them for everyone. They are simple but meaningful. I think they turned out pretty cute. Thank goodness I finally got them in the mail. It's never too late to receive a card right?

I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years tonight! And enjoy your last night of 2013


  1. These are the best cards to receive!

  2. Adorable!! Look better than mine. XD


  3. those are great. home made cards are the best. and thanks for commenting today. means alot girl. hope you have a great new years eve and a good 2014 and a blessed one