Today's prompt is about photos you have taken. Seeing as I have been snapping a picture for many years, it's hard to just choose one {or three in my case} but I snagged a few that I have taken within the last couple of years and these were my top three I really like.

This photo was taken at Daytona Beach, Florida. I worked close by to the beach and one day my family came down to visit and we walked along the shore just for a nice relaxing day. Hardly anyone was there so it made it very nice. This photo was taken with my iPhone and it is completely unedited. Straight out of the camera. I love the colors.

This photo was taken about three or four years ago. It too is unedited and straight out of the camera. It was my Christmas tree for that year I decorated. I love my decorations. The theme is always burgundy & gold. I think with some edits, this could be very beautiful and bright.

And my final photo I chose was one I took of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World. We used to live in Orlando so going to Disney was not a big deal. We used to go so often, my daughter got sick of being there. But one of the times we went, I took this photo, yet again, with my iPhone. It was edited but I still love the angle I got.

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  1. I just love the first photo. I love its color. If you didn't say that you used an iphone in taking this picture, I wouldn't even notice it.