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If you still haven't. it's not too late to still link up for Friday Favorites and Some Things I'm Loving. I'm sure the ladies would love to read your posts! I'm linking up with them tonight.

This week's theme I decided to choose was Baby Items. These are a few on my wishlist for our new baby coming soon. Either things I love or things I would love to have for the new baby that I currently don't own now.

I have always wanted one of these really fancy bathtubs for the baby. They are more like a spa instead of a bathtub. Water jets, vibrations, bubbles...who could ask for a better bath time experience?

I had one of these up until our recent move this summer. It got broken during the move and I was so upset. I love the glider for rocking the baby to sleep. It makes it so much easier to have one of these. Plus, I love the combo of these colors! Fits our decor

This diaper bag screams my name. I want it so bad. We have a nice diaper bag now but the husband picked it out and I wanted something that is more my taste. This one makes me fall in love with animal print all over again.

Now with two little ones needing a stroller, we are going to need a double stroller. I liked the way this one looked and the revoews are good. I'm not the biggest Graco fan as we only used BabyTrend products with our daughter. But since with our son we have Graco car seats and stuff already, they will be passed down to the new baby and so we need a Graco stroller to fit what we already own.

I love these diapers. They are so soft and snug for the baby. My fav diaper I have tried so far. Plus this comes with wipes and this great tote that can be used for all sorts of things. Who wouldn't love this as a gift?

I am a sucker for neutral baby clothes. No matter if I know the gender or not, I always buy and ask for neutral colors. Especially anything with cute little ducks. I'm obsessed with babies in duck clothes.

And of course, my favorite baby song. Is it bad that I cry every time I still hear this? It comes on Pandora's Lullaby station all the time and it made me cry when I was little and still does while I'm trying to get my little guy to sleep each night. This version just brings me to tears every single time because I'm a mom and makes me cry holding my sweet baby boy

So what things are you loving this week? Link up below by clicking on the buttons.

And just in case anyone decides to ask, I kind of started a bit of a wishlist too. Trying to add items here and there as I think of them
Rebecca's Baby Wish List

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  1. Love all of these Rebecca. I really hope that the pregnancy is still going perfectly for you and your wonderful family.

    1. It's going well yes. Things have picked up where I'm really uncomfortable now and having a hard time doing normal stuff. I can't see my feet or legs anymore LOL ...that becomes an issue when I'm trying to get dressed or put on my shoes or even take a shower

  2. Aww yay for baby stuff! I have been drowning in baby items lately. Not in the physical sense, but in the researching-about-every-single-item sense. It can get overwhelming, to say the least!! That glider chair looks just perfect, I think I'll be adding it to my wish list, too! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up! :)


    1. It can get SUPER over whelming. Even though I'm on baby number three, so much keeps changing, so many new things keep popping up...recall after recall as well. I try hard to keep up with everything. But yes! I seriously recommend a glider. I really miss ours. I wish it hadn't broke. So I really want to get a new one. They have some really cozy ones but they are a bit out of my price range at the moment

  3. Aw, we actually got #6 (the ducky layette set) at our baby shower two weeks ago, and I like it so much! I'm with you on gender neutral.I think most of it's even more fun than the boys & girls baby clothes.

    1. I'm so glad you said that. Most people really get mad at me when I ask for gender neutral things. I've heard from some people with my last baby {cause we didn't know what we were having til the very end} that gender neutral is ugly. Now, they have the right to say that but I disagree. I love it. Especially little duckies!!! And that's so cool you go this outfit set. I'm totally jealous!!! And congrats on the new baby!!!

  4. Great list of thing. I would love to get some new things for my baby #2 too!


    1. New things are always fun. We had to get all new everything when we had baby number two since there's such a huge age gap between our first and second, I got rid of everything cause I didn't think any more kids were coming LOL. But this time, I think I have everything but a few things I really want again or never had would be so nice. And congrats to you as well on a new baby heading your way!!!