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 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpgI thought it was only appropriate to color my nails in style with the new layout of the blog. So pink it is! But of course, this isn't any ordinary pink, it's sparkly pink at that! Is it bad that this nail polish is my seven year old daughter's? I just felt like playing around with it and seeing what colors she had laying around.

So unfortunately, there is no name for this color. I wasn't really expecting any from a kids polish but none the less, I like the color at least!

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  1. Pink + Sparkle = perfect mani! I love it!!

  2. No…name? But…but, that's half the fun!!! *shakes fist at Claire's* ;)

    But lack of awesome name aside, what a fun and peppy colour!

  3. So much sparkle!!! I'm impressed with how opaque this polish is - what a fun polish :)

    aka Bailey