Friday Favorites - Candy Canes

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I decided to theme this week's favorites toward Candy Canes. 

I love Diamond Candles and this would be a very calming scent for me to have going through the house. I love the smell of peppermint. And this is on my wish list!

I don't care, I think these are simply adorable! I would totally make my children all rock the socks off of these everyday if I could!

I adore candy cane lip balm. Especially when it's all natural. Plus, who could resist the cute packaging? With the winter weather, this is a top of the list must have. And the best part, it is great for both a guy or a girl.

I wish I could create wonders with my nails like this. Perfect for the holidays, no matter what you have on. Something about those red and white stripes make me all cheerful and jolly.

These glasses scream "Drink Me". The festive stripes and simplicity of them, make for such a darling and yet simply elegant touch to any table setting. I would totally use these all year round.

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  1. LOVE all of these!!! Candy cane stripes are so fun and festive! :) I need that lip balm in my life, and I'm loving the candy cane manicure!

    Thanks for linking up with me, girl!!! :D


  2. The candy cane manicure is adorable. Candy canes are my favorite for the holidays. Great post.
    Visiting from Lovin' the Weekend Blog Hop.

    Barbara @

  3. I love the look of candy canes, the colors, the smell..but I can't eat them, I hate the taste. Am I a weirdo? Right now I am loving my Faux-fur pullover from banana republic. It is a holiday must!

    Thanks and nice to meet you!

    1. I don't think it's strange at all not to like them. I hate the taste of peppermint too. Can't eat candy canes. But I'm in LOVE with the smell. So I don't think that makes you weird at all.