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Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish Exchange

This year has been so many new changes for me as far as where I have been taking my blog. And so I am stepping up again to a new idea that I have seen but have not hosted myself. And now I felt was the time. This is the time of year where you see so many exchanges and so why not participate in one more?

So I am introducing the first ever on xoxo Rebecca called Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish. This will be a nail polish exchange between bloggers to get to know someone new as well as receive a fun package for the holidays.

So here's how it will work {the famous ten rules}:

1. Sign up below using the form between November 28th - December 5th.
2.  On December 6th, everyone will be paired with someone & notified via email who their swap buddies are.
3. Get to know your partner. You will have until December 16th to mail out your package to them. This ensures everyone should get their polish before the 24th.
4. Your package should include at least two {2} bottles of polish.
5. Packages should be $15.00 {before shipping}. You can choose to splurge more if you would like but to keep it reasonable, $15.00 seems fair. You can make it fun and include other small little gifts if you would like.
6. Please make sure you wrap the bottles up so they are secure. We would hate to see anyone's break during shipping because then we will be crying over spilled polish!
7. Right now the swap will only be available to those in the US. There is a possibility of it opening up to others outside the US later on. I think the only exception is for those overseas in the military with an APO address because the US shipping rates still apply.
8. All participates must be serious about the exchange. Please be sure if you sign up, you are willing to go through with your part.
9. On January 2nd, there will be a link up to show off your polish posts. This way everyone can share all the fun things they got. Please make sure you link up your post.
10. Have fun with this! And don't forget to share. Spread the word throughout your social media sites. The more that participate, the more fun it will be. Grab the button if you would like as well and post it on your blog.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Polish Exchange
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